Art Star First Quarter Report

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So Art Star has survived it's first quarter!

It is amazing to me, how this blog which was and is really just a conversation between friends has grown so much so quickly.

Especially considering none of us have done this before and none of us have any great technical or internet skills.

In our first quarter from July 2nd (when we first started counting) to today we have had 4,018 visitors to this site from 68 countries and 48 states.

There are 30 people who have visited this site over 200 times.

The average person spends over two minutes on this site.

We have made a grand total of 5 cents on Art Star, which we have added to our war chest to upgrade the site at some point in the future.

However, as great as these statistics are, we are primarily concerned about the content. There are a million tricks to drive up view counts and things like that, and usually we are too lazy to do any of them. But we always strive to provide a real reason to keep coming back.

We are increasingly providing you with exclusive content (beyond our own wonderful opinions) that you can't find anywhere else as we interview people who we find interesting.

The excuse to engage with the world is one of the best things about writing for Art Star. I salute all of our bloggers here. I encourage you, the reader, to join our team and blog.
And I look forward to the next three months!

Thank you for reading and your comments and support. It really helps us not to feel stupid :)

Here is the best of our first quarter:

Pursuit of Perfection
This was the first post in Art Star history. It is fitting in a way that we started with question what is perfection, what should we be striving for, why are we here.

Praise and Redemption
The first in a series of posts concerning different aspects of the Christian faith.

Buzz Buzz Buzz Goes The Honey Bee

One of the best things about Art Star is that it doesn't "specialize" in anything. Oftentimes the most random things are posted on this blog. Like this in depth review of the board game Hives.

Art Star's Top Ten Guilty Pleasures
Our most controversial post of all time.

Lapel Pin Patriotism
An interesting piece about patriotism and what it means to be American.

Living With Bi-Polar Disorder: Three Lessons

The day after this post was made the New York Times published a big piece about living with Bi-Polar disorder. This post got linked to that. It marked the start of our blog coming of age.

When Cool Kids Implode

A wonderful warning on the dangers of hipsterism

Love Me Already
The name womenartmoney comes from an art ad campaign. Here is the latest I AM ART ad.

The Cool: Black Suits, New Music, and Great Bars
A great run down of fashion, dallas, and music. This is Art Star at its most practical.

My Olympic Heroes: Part 3 -I Am Number One
We tend to follow current events pretty closely at Art Star (I mean what else is a blog good for!?) Our coverage of the Olympics was fascinating and even got a shout out from an Olympian!

Point and Shoot: The Sun Is Bright In My Eyes
We love sharing original content on this blog. From pictures, to poetry, to songs, to interviews, and of course our own ideas and writings - its what we do.

Palin in Comparison
Art Star can be very political. It isn't surprising right now - our country is in a very unique moment and we are all tuned into it. This one sparked some commentary.

Twisted World of Mick Foley (Mankind)
I think this post scared people. For me the question, "What makes a man love pain so much..?" is the question of the year.

Compare and Contrast
Simply put our most read post of all time.

What T.I. And Ben Bernanke Have In Common
I know I wrote this but like WHayes When Cool Kids Implode - I feel like people slept on this post. It don't get no better!

Smart Is The New Gangsta
Our first podcast! A great interview with Dangerous Negro.

Omar Miller Is A Fucking Giant: Part 1
I don't know if you caught it - but we interviewed a fucking movie star.

Clicking Around With Music: Paleface
The first of our 25 part band interview. My bet is that by the time we are done with this series, Art Star will be a very different place :)

Thanks folks, if you've gotten this far become a follower, subscribe to this blog, favorite us, send us a message, let us know you are alive, and remember You Can't Fake Real!

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