Love Me Already

Posted 8/04/2008 by KP in Labels: , , , , , ,

Long time, Art Starrers! Click to view at original size. It's a smidge smudgy -- I'm still cutting my teeth on artwork -> PDF conversion -- but you get the idea.

Smartblackboy hisself dropped this catchy nugget ("You can't fake real!") in a cell phone conversation some time back, and I was inspired to slap it onto one of my extensively back-catalogued I Am Art b-side photographs to bring y'all a spankin' new flyer. This confirms my suspicion that I Am Art is not simply a sextacular installation art piece whose physical manifestation crescendoed nearly two years ago, but a lifestyle. To our model, SL, wherever you are, I give you props for being patient and beautiful in spite of my near-total lack of photo-know-how.

For the curious, the flash player embedded below contains Andrew Bird's witty and whimsical "Lull" from his album Weather Systems, which soundtracked this flyer's creation. It makes a wonderful soundtrack for viewing the flyer as well.

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