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I'm not impressed.

Did anyone else notice Gov. Palin's screwface anytime she mentioned a point of contention? She put on a mean-mug anytime she mentioned the war, or her "opponent", or the countless references to McCain's torture.

(An aside on McCain: Allow me to begin with the obligatory preface that states my respect for all who have sacrificed in the name of our country. At what point will McCain supports stop pimping his experience in the Hanoi Hilton? Is torture going to be a prerequisite to the highest office of the land? If he wins, will McCain be the 50 Cent of politics? How many politicians are willing to subject themselves, or loved ones, to unfortunate circumstances for a chance at graduating the electoral college. Terrifying.)

I am frightened and cynically amused at the collective demeanor of the GOP in this season. While we face issues of great alarm, they cheer "USA, USA" at a hockey mom as if this was 1980. If their beef with the Dems is change without substance, then the biggest sin of the Republicans is stagnation and perpetual despair. 

Palin spoke about McCain's awful experience in Vietnam and recalled an episode where McCain, while being tortured or recooperating from his afflictions I am not quite sure, gave a thumbs up to a fellow soldier. She quickly quipped that this is the kind of President she wanted but I am, admittedly biased of course, hesitant. With so many issues that this country must face, do we need a leader who can grit his teeth and bare it or one who can inspire us to overcome our obstacles?

I can't help but think that the Republicans have fallen into the traditional role of hyperadversity. Since "Change" is interwoven with Obama's movement, I fear McCain is adopting a bit of Bush's "stay the course" rhetoric. For example, (just so you don't write this off as merely liberal ranting) I saw many signs and heard the cheers of "Drill, Baby, Drill" and quickly wrote this off as nonsense. One of my roomates, an undecided, claimed that Alaska has enough natural gas and oil to power America for the next sixty years. And this belief is bringing America its emancipation from foreign dependancy?! What about after the next sixty years? Are we to find the next band-aid to cover our gunshot wound? 

I cannot respect Palin's disrespectful view towards community organizing. Yes, yes I understand the power of sarcastic swiping and appreciate wit when it is actually good. But Palin's comments show that she did not attempt to solely make Obama's record illegitimate, but attacked the vocation of many brave Americans who are fighting our forgotten war on poverty. Instead, she made the position of mayor more important, and chockful of experience!, in spite of the numerous towns and cities where civil leadership has failed its people. If Obama's slight towards pistol packing parishioners made him elitist then Palin's stance is the error of a politician who is comfortably aloof. 

I looked forward to this speech tonight because I wanted to hear the voice of a candidate whose obscurity made her top news all week. I fear that instead of the woman who claims to shatter the glass ceiling Clinton could only crack, I heard an hour long speech that reminded me of a WWF promo. By the end I expected Obama to run on stage and give McCain the Rock Bottom. I don't ask much of the Republican party but I do wish that they would take this election more seriously. We aren't voting for "So You Think You Can Dance". Put aside political rhetoric and stale tactics and tell me whatcha gonna do!

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WHayes said...

"Terrorists still plot to harm this nation, and he's worried someone wont read them their rights."

Fu*k you, woman, for slyly advocating for the same gross mistreatment of human beings with human rights that your party thrives on. Inmates at our very own Havana Hilton don't get to run for office later and flaunt how badly they got the shit kicked out of them. I hope a polar bear eats your damn face.

WHayes said...

Although I will give her this: tonight, Palin proved that she's an articulate (cringe), vocal vp choice (whether or not she deserved it), and not just a vagina on a stick to lure the Clinton stragglers.

Still, at the end of the day, Alaska doesn't count for sh*t.

CtotheB said...

I didn't think her oratory was anything to write home about. She had weird inflections and it was far too obvious that she was reading.

Smart money is on Biden whenever they debate.

MC said...

"One of my roomates, an undecided, claimed that Alaska has enough natural gas and oil to power America for the next sixty years."

--For the record, not true. From a recent Time Magazine article:,8599,1815884,00.html

"But there's a flaw in that logic: even if tomorrow we opened up every square mile of the outer continental shelf to offshore rigs, even if we drilled the entire state of Alaska and pulled new refineries out of thin air, the impact on gas prices would be minimal and delayed at best. A 2004 study by the government's Energy Information Administration (EIA) found that drilling in ANWR would trim the price of gas by 3.5 cents a gallon by 2027."

WHayes said...

Oh hell yeah, Biden will wipe the floor with her.

WHayes said...

I retract my earlier pleasant comment: that woman is a tool. Here's the best summary of last night ever:

"America, we’ve met Sarah Palin before. It was in junior high. She was that snarling evil god-obsessed nut who punished you constantly and enjoyed nothing more than torture — seeing you tortured, that is. And your parents would never quite believe it because she “seemed like a nice lady,” from a distance, with her squeaky voice."

Oh, and Rudy remains a vicious Nazi who should shut his damn mouth for still pimping 9/11 in his introductory speech.

PicturesqueMusiq said...

Where does a socially liberal minded individual who believes in prochoice, homosexual marriages, international human rights, but supports small business reform (lower/ maintaining tax rates), conservative exploration of oil, maintaining troops in Iraq, continuing the fight against terrorism, further securing of the borders and increased focus/ funding on improving the way schools are managed and evaluated?

Unfortunately, these fence leaners who are slightly older (over the age of 30) who are concerned with fiscal issues will sway toward the McCain side.

Barack as unfortunately put himself on a liberal island that may only be joined by the younger moderate voters. Unless they show up big (a complete possibility) Obama may not have a chance.

McCain's camp has generated enough excitement to almost entirely unite the Republican Party. This excitement may keep flowing with the steam that McCain built up prior to the Democrate National Convention and ride the train to victory. However, Barack did give a heck of a show and with Hilary's full support you never know.

This probably should have been a post but whatevs... more will surface.

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