The Cool: Black Suits, New Music, and Great Bars

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"Black is slimming, mysterious, sexy, modern, and defensive"
-from a great article on the history of the black suit at Film Noir Buff

So if you couldn't figure it out from my Bar Tales Series (Ch.1, Ch.2, Ch.3) - I have been going to lot's of bars with cool guys and pretty girls. Here are my top three at the moment:

1. Balcony Club - my all-time favorite hang out place in Dallas. If you like live jazz music, a friendly staff, and specialty martini's - you can't do better.

What to order: The Peach Martini

2. The Grapevine - $2 dollar drinks for Happy Hour. A basketball court. Lot's of fun gay people. What's not to love.

What to order: If Brian is there, a hand made Vodka Lemonade

3. Lee Harvey's - Live folk music. Outside patio seating. Red lights.

What to order: Pabst Blue Ribbon

Check out the Villians Second Offensive over at Da Toof - it's made for friday afternoons.

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