Art Star's Top Ten Guilty Pleasures

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Theoretically, I've had some of the best schooling this country has to offer for the last 12 years of my life.

Theoretically, that should make me cultured, urbane, intelligent, blah blah blah blah.

However, if I have learned anything in my short life it is this:

"you can try to change but that's just the top layer
Man, you was who you was 'fore you got here"

So without further ado - My Top Ten Guilty Pleasures* (in no particular order):

1. Tila Tequila: A Shot At Love
Okay I was in a friends room late one night and she had her channel on MTV and this show came on. I watched a few minutes and was hooked! Maybe it is because of my own history with bisexual women (a column for another day), or maybe it's just the unique concept - but my guilty pleasure number one is Tila Tequila.

2. Utopia: The World of Legends
I really don't remember how or why I found "the world's most popular interactive multi-player game" but there is something about having my own province and being a fantasy character that just gets me. For those who know: I play as a Dark Elf, Mystic T/M.

3. Naruto
This was the series that really got me hooked on anime. Watch the first 200 episodes to get up to speed (okay towards the end there are a lot of filler, so maybe more like 130 episodes). Then start working your way through Shippuuden which is ongoing right now. For those who know: For the best site to get the latest Naruto episodes subbed (around 1:00 a.m. every Thursday night) is Anime Kiosk.

4. Bleach
As much as I love Naruto, Bleach is definitely better. (Actually I change my mind about which is better almost every day). Even the Bleach filler going on right now isn't too bad. For those who know: Sado's new finishing move "La Muerte" has to be the coolest signature move in anime right now. And while we are on the topic of Sado- isn't he like the feel good anime story of the year. I mean seriously he like the Eli Manning of Bleach. Sado sucked for 161 episodes, and you had started to wonder why he was even around, he didn't even seem close to being in the same league of Ichigo, and then one day he randomly gets the coolest attack in Bleach and its all the better because of the wait, because you didn't see it coming, because you had given up hope on Chad. This is why I love Bleach!

5. Page 2 on
I sort of love sports. It's crazy because I don't usually talk about it too much but I always love reading about sports - especially basketball. Can't get enough. Scoop Jackson and Bill Simmons are geniuses. Seriously why are you reading this - go read them - now! (and tell them Art Star sent you)

6. Googling peoples names
True, totally creepy story: I was in love with girl when we were both 15 and I had lost track of her over the years (she deleted her facebook account), so I googled her name. It was scary - I was able to find out her birth date and city, where she went to college, what she did there, etc. Google your name and see what is out there about you. Then google your parents, then a friend, it gets pretty addictive, very quickly. But I'm not alone in my google habits, the U.S. government does it too.

7. Sex and the City
Yes, I am straight.

8. Mass messages
I LOVE sending mass text messages, and emails, and things like that. I don't know why. It is just that no one could send out a message to hundreds of people in an instant - like you would have to write letters or call people - or things like that. Seriously, mass messaging people is merely a celebration of technology (and annoying as hell)!

9. Yoville application on facebook
I actually read about this application in the Business section of the New York Times a few months ago. Apparently this might be the introduction of Web 3.0 (we are currently on 2.0). Either way I get to be a little 3-D avatar, design a room, and play tic-tac-toe and paper, rock, scissors with random people all in real time - all without having to download any software to my computer. The only problem is that you really can't make a black person... (someone call Al Sharpton immediately!)

10. Reparations
Okay, maybe this will offend our white readership - but dammit I love the idea of reparations. I mean the U.S. government did break treaties and agreements. I mean I have a family a tree that leads directly to a large white slave owner in Alabama (Wilcox Ratcliff). I mean it wouldn't have to be money or land - I would be happy if every white person had to pick cotton for a day once a year - and if they didn't pick a day's worth of cotton they would have to pay a tax that would fund scholarships for low-income black kids. Seriously wouldn't this be great! I am declaring that if I ever think about marrying a white girl - she would have to go to field and pick a day's worth of cotton with me or its a no go.

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Sumner said...

Really Darryl?
I shouldn't start talking about this because it could get messy and things will be misconstrued, but reparations?
Should all German people be required to volunteer at a Jewish Community Center once a year?

smartblackboy said...

Sure why not. Although only in Germany. I don't recall there being many enslaved Jews/slaughtered Jews on American soil. In fact, I think the good ol US of A has been pretty good to God's Chosen People. I mean at least in comparison to black people and Native Americans. But since you have implied that genocide might be worthy of reparations - we should think of another day for white people to do something good for the Indian - heck maybe Hispanic people can join them.

Sumner said...

I agree with you. My point simply is that there have been many atrocities in the history of the world, so it doesn't seem just to try to "rank" them and say that any of them is more worthy of reparations than others. Horrible things have happened to many people throughout history, but we must avoid the slippery slope toward trying to rectify everything.

smartblackboy said...

Ross White just admit that you don't want to pick cotton for a day.

If a Truth and Reconciliation committee suggested that the South African apartheid do some sort of ceremonial activity to help deal with that countries legacy would you raise a peep?

Probably not because it is "those" white people in Africa, not the white people here. Although black people in South Africa now apparently include Chinese people...but the point still remains that you don't want to pick cotton, and you don't want anyone to suggest that you should pick cotton.

I personally think it would be good if everybody picked a days worth of cotton at least at some point in their lives. (and yes I have, and I have also milked a cow).

Sumner said...

I'm all for picking cotton for a day, but I fail to see how every white person doing such a thing would ever solve anything.
The problem with things like reparations is that the people who should be taking part are not the ones who "get it." There sure as hell are way too many people today who believe that there is/was nothing wrong with slavery, but what good does it do to force them to endure the hardships that their predecessors thrust upon others? For anything thing aimed at raising awareness about an issue (racism, sexism, genocide, GLBTG issues), the people who need it the most are never the ones who are there or take part.
An eye for an eye does little to change people's ignorant mindsets.

smartblackboy said...

Whoa! Then here is what we are going to do. Tomorrow I will introduce to Art Star an instrument called a prediction market. I will ask the question to "the world" (our readership) whether a white person would learn anything about our countries history from picking cotton for a day. If the collective world decides that yes, they would then you will have to be filmed picking cotton, and we will post the video here and on youtube. If they decide that the answer is no - I will make a you tube video apologizing to white people for my suggestion.

Is it a bet?

Sumner said...

You are fucking ridiculous...
Let's do it. I need to see the question/post though before you put it up

smartblackboy said...

Alright Art Star pham you heard it first here!!

It is Official!

Welcome to the "Should Ross White Pick Cotton For A Day?" era.

wealllikechai said...

does this mean you re going to maybe one day suggest I pick a days worth of cotton ?

smartblackboy said...

depends on who you are

wealllikechai said...

you should be able to guess

smartblackboy said...

well i am assuming that you are a white female. and that you like chai. and that you want to have sex with me. but thats a pretty long list of people.

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