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after a long day of filing and other non-consequential activities that you would rather me not bore you with, i had the pleasure of researching, witnessing and interviewing a lovely up and coming group to the north carolina and south-eastern music scene.  while sipping on a cheap riesling and reflecting on my live experience with the combo of paleface and mo, collectively known as paleface, i realized how blessed i am to do this project.  featuring, creating, and getting to know bands that i enjoy and truly appreciate. let me go ahead and thank all the bands that have supported the project and made this possible. let's get to the bio




singer and guitarist, paleface, joined a lovely drummer known simply as "mo" (monica samalot) to grace the stages for performances that will intrigue even the most versed music listeners. continuously you will ask yourself, "what makes them so unique?" the answer is a great chemistry between drummer and singer-songwriter.  they decided not to mention if there was a romantic connection but let's only guess by the gaze in all of their pictures. 


the music blends the couple in an unexpected way.  in contrast to the mates of state duo, the deep mysterious voice of pf unveils the stories of new york living and the new days to come.  without a doubt the influences of tom waits and bob dylan are present in their music but their sound, with mo's unique backups and personal lyrics intensely tell a biographical journey in a way that i've only heard with their partnership.  the best way to experience their music is by listening. enjoy their widget below.


their next show is october 3rd in chattanooga, tennessee and then at clemson on the 4th.  accoding to the paleface website, there will be a release for the new album in early 2009. 


check out the interview below and enjoy their myspace and website .





the interview:


as: if tom waits and bob dylan engaged in fistacuffs, who would win?  What would decide the bout?

PF: a) neil young. b) the voters of the great state of ohio.

as: did you realize that you now live a stones throw from where most of us spent the last 4 years (davidson, nc)?  How is the transition to the south?
PF: we've been playin alotta shows so i havent noticed that much.except when i want to get a good meal after a certain hour.Oh and theres no subway trains.
Mo: Yes.  We  moved to Concord NC and we feel that it's a central spot cuz there are so many towns to play at in North Carolina and the South East in general.  So we've been really busy touring on a full-time basis...and music lovers down here are giving us a lot of their love and support, which makes it all worth it. 

as: i was at an evening muse show last year and saw you guys and you mentioned the lights and being tired of them.  Do either of you miss the lights?
PF: lifes full of transitions...without it things get pretty stale. People are too scared of change.They get used to shit and its comfortable.even if it sucks they'll fight to stick with it.
Mo:   I miss being able to take the subway or a cab and walk around town in a city that never really sleeps.  Though I miss the city lights, i don't miss the fast pace of life and the expensive cost of living...besides, now we get a star-filled sky.

as: you are now in the heart of nascar country, have you been to the speedway yet?
PF:No but we got stuck on highway 29 coming back from a gig when they let everyone out.we turned the car off  on the highway and just sat there for about 45 minutes watching the carnival  go by.

as: have you ever been to Summit Coffee? And if not you should go - it's an institution.
Mo: Yes, we played a show at The Summit during a 2007 Holiday festival on Main Street...
PF: There was the spot where we hatched the idea for our next record 'The Show Is On The Road', which will be released on Ramseur Records early 2009

as: favorite Band Live:
PF: The Avett Brothers, the Moldy Peaches
Mo: ah, and Langhorne Slim!
PF: yes of course my boy Langhorne....

as: favorite instrument that you do not currently play?
PF: piano
Mo: cello
From what do you draw musical inspiration?
PF:anywhere i can get it.Usually doesn't work when you try to copy other artists.You might be able to get a chord or something but its best to stay away from that.
people are a big influence-(their beliefs and actions,conceptions and misconceptions) ,
feelings, emotions, the way shit works and doesn't work,the way everything we've built looks across the skyline.against nature it looks pretty rickety.When your in the midst of it like New York city its very odd-not in a bad way but  its all very pre-fab like.
Mo: Things that happen in live and make me feel happy or sad, good or bad.


as: how did you two meet?
PF: we met in the New York folk scene.There was alotta action just then.Langhorne,Regina,Jeff Lewis,Kimya,Nicole Atkins,Ian Thomas.Mo was playing drums in a band called American Anymen.I was friendly with the lead singer, we used to play together a bit.Great band.
Mo:  I used to go see live shows at NYC's Lower East Side and that's how I became a Paleface fan....Then i got to meet him personally one nite that i was hanging out with a friend and PF gave us a ride to my first Daniel Johnston show.  But we didn't get friendly and start playing music together until 3+ years later...cuz at the time we first met i was partying a lot and PF was over that and staying out of trouble.

as: What was the toughest decision you have had to make as a band?  How did you come to that decision?
PF+Mo: leaving NYC and the band we were playing with.

as: favorite venue to play at:
PF: the bowery ballroom, the evening muse, the spazzatorium galleria
Mo: And we've had a blast playing festivals such as Floyd Fest, Shakori Hills, Pickathon and Bristol Rhythm and Roots!

as: at what moment did you realize you wanted to do live music?
PF: Just kinda fell into it.
Mo:  I graduated from college, then got a job that i didn't like, then i got another job that i didn't like, and another, and another....I was living in the East Village at the time and would go see all my friends play shows and i would be kinda jeallous of the fact that they seemed to love what they did and i didn't love what i did.  Then one nite at a party in Brooklyn i jumped on the house drum kit while it was free, and i even though i had never played them before, i knew that i would become a drummer...and a few months later i was onstage with my first band! 

as: most embarassing moment on stage:
PF:Falling off the stage and spraining my ankle this spring in ohio

as: what are you looking forward to the most about this touring session?
PF: Getting better and better.
Mo: Playing more and more.

as: and finally, what was the most ridiculous question someone has ever asked you and your response?
PF:i try to block that shit out.

tune in next time for a great bluesy, grass roots rock band that you will definitely enjoy.




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shaun said...

sweet interview. thanks for the tip. gotta love the paleface! and thanks for stopping by the MUSE.

N. Steven said...

i'm definitely feeling that "brooklyn girl" piece. kinda reminds me of waking up in the city, looking for some coffee (or green tea) and a bagel with cream cheese after a night full of taxi's shananigans and mishaps.

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