The Twisted World of Mick Foley (Mankind)

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Mankind, Mick Foley, Cactus Jack - is the most intriguing wrestler of all time.

In fact if there was ever a wrestler who transcended the entertainment-glitz of world wide web of wrestling it was Mankind.

There was nothing pretty about him.

He didn't become Hollywood, he didn't become a governor, he just represented everything good, bad, and ugly about the sport.

He represented the darkest part of all of us, the most fragile, the most honest, the most beautiful.

And this is not hyperbole.

Before there was Heath Ledger's Joker, there was Mick Foley's Mankind.

Watch this two-part promotional video and tell me it isn't the truth.

Tell me there isn't more about life, about meanness, about childhood, about dreams, about drive, about the human condition in these 13 minutes than in an entire year at college.

Tell me "What makes a man love pain so much...that he willingly mutilates his own body?"

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CtotheB said...

Remember when Undertaker pushed that cat off the cage?

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