Art Star's Top 10 Posts of October

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Hey good people, Happy November and end of Daylight Savings Time!

Some of you complain that there are "too many" posts on Art Star. Well although I respectfully disagree with that - I do want to incorporate an Art Star lite format for you. So at the start of every month I will highlight what I thought the best/most important/most interesting posts were.

It is just my opinion, but someone has to be a filter. Our last recap was the Art Star First Quarter Report.

Without further ado, Art Star's Top 10 Posts of October

1. Omar Miller Is A Fucking Giant Pt.2 by WHayes
Can we say how amazing it is that we scored an interview with an actor who has two movies out right now (both of which are pretty good). The fact that the interview itself is pretty sweet is just icing on the cake.

2. Clicking Around With Music: Lori Kirk by PicturesqueMusiq
I became a fan of Lori Kirk after reading this interview. Just everything you want a young artist to be, endearing, humble, dedicated, passionate, and talented.

3. Kill That Crack Head Terrorist Muslim Thug Nigger Hussein Obama by smartblackboy
Although this post was written half in anger and half in jest - the sad reality is that every day this post receives at least a dozen hits from people who are searching on Google - "Kill Obama" and "Crack Head Terrorist".

4. Home Is Where The Art Is by fotoloka
"Someday maybe photographers will just implant a flash card into our eye and all we' ll have to do is wink to make an image.." Well until then, thank you.

5. Clicking Around With Music: Teen Wolf
Just good west coast party fun. A must read.

6. My Mind On Shuffle "I Know You Got Soul!" Edition by CtotheB
"Poor people have always been in a recession." For those times when you forget the truth.

7. Best of the Internet Part 1 by Whayes
What Art Star is exists for - to share the stuff we find on the internet with you.

8. Weekend Jamz Part 1
For to shout out to Jim Nash. For the great music. For the picture and caption.

9. Hip Hop Artists To Watch Out For by DJ NY
We were waiting for a break out post - it finally happened.

10. Clicking Around With Music: Samantha Crain by Michael
Because catching someone right on the cusp on being a star is something we always appreciate.

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