Best of the Internet, part 1

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Hello friends,

One of the main goals of Art Star is not to be a sounding board for our talented writing staff, but to act as a portal into which our readers can pour their thoughts and desires. With this post, I'd like to invite you all to bring us "the best of the internet" - blogs, news articles, websites, flash games, wikipedia entries, 4chan pranks, anything. Two requirements:

1) if its NSFW, please say so, and
2) keep it interesting.

I'll start by posting a few of my recent internet obsessions:


Hipsters may be
annoying, unoriginal, apathetic, and self-absorbed, but I'll be damned if the ones who don't wear neon can't come up with some interesting outfits.

Good bands, good interviews, good gravy.

Maya Molina-Araujo, aka Lucy Lux, is a Southern-raised, New England based fashion designer, amateur photographer, and can make one sexy-ass mixtape of the most eclectic music you've never heard.

Because his music is everything you wish you could've heard in the haunted house of your elementary school dreams. Recommended track: "Graves in the Desert."

I add Cracked to this list because I've never laughed so hard, Spider-Man has never been this hood...

...and political speak has never been this real.

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