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I thought it was only right to highlight some talented hip-hop artists who I like, that are up and coming, and who can be the future of what we know as hip-hop.

1. The Cool Kids- My new favorite duo until Outkast comes back out...I like them so much that I have every single track by them and not a single song is a flop. They've been getting buzz from being featured on game soundtracks, performing on late night shows and finally getting play on TV with their new music video: "Delivery Man". They are a MUST check out.

2. Asher Roth- I was a bit skeptical when I first heard this guy spit. I really thought he was just another Eminem wanna-be. But in fact, since I downloaded his mixtape "The Greenhouse Effect" and heard his name being mentioned more and more, I started to see what all the hype was all about and then I was on the Asher Roth bandwagon.


3. Cory Gunz- The way this guy spits is incredible. His freestyles and rapping skills are underrated. If you heard the original "A Milli" version, it really outshined Lil Wayne's verses (which is probably Cory's cut didn't make the album). In spite of all, Cory has a bright future if he keeps putting his name out there and actually makes an album.

4. Curren$y- When I first heard Curren$y, I was not sold. But this was a while back when he was signed to Young Money/Cash Money (Lil' Wayne's record label) ...do you see where there's a pattern? (That's another blog post.) Anyway, I was forced by some friends to hear a song called "Modern Day Hippie". (I thought the song was trash at first). But, it grew on me and I wanted to download the song, but by that time, the song was old; so the only way I could get the song was to download his mixtape called "Fast Times At Ridgemont Fly". (Its in my top 5 mixtapes of the year for a single artist behind Ludacris' "The Preview, Nas' "The N*gger Tape", and The Cool Kids' "Cool Ass Ninjaz" and ahead of Asher Roth's "The Greenhouse Effect") It is a solid mixtape, where he redid some of his favorite songs from other artists in the game. I think some of his remakes might have been better than some of the original versions.


5. Mickey Factz- Mickey Factz was an artist that was associated with The Cool Kids, so I had to check him out. He has the hungriness, that some of our VETERAN artists are missing, and his lyrics make sense :) There's not a bad track that I've heard from him either, but I haven't heard that much material from him though.

6. Wale- Wale has been on the underground scene in Baltimore/D.C. for a while now. He's just waiting for his time to shine or waiting for a big opportunity to be featured on a mainsteam track. I can compare his style to an artist like Lupe Fiasco.

7. Charles Hamilton- This guy brings comedy to his raps, which is what I personally like. Not a lot of people do it, but one person who does it well is Charles Hamilton. He has a song "Neh, Neh, Neh" [*bumps*] w/ Cory Gunz and they both kill it. Cory Gunz goes hard on the track but Charles is right there w/ him and just shows how his style and Cory's contrast, but at the same time the chemistry is there between the two. He also have a song called "Lacey Duvalle" where he talks about being with a porn star. His style is definitely in a word...different (but that's good).

Charles Hamilton & Cory Gunz "Neh Neh Neh" -


8. Blu- I got put on w/ Blu by one of my colleagues (He's mainly an underground hip-hop DJ and I guarantee that I would be stuck mostly on mainstream rap if it wasn't for him). Anyway this guy can spit. His first album 'Below The Heavens" got a lot of buzz and Blu continues to put out tracks that I like. I can't wait for his next album, because he has a lot of potential.


9. Kidz In The Hall- I swear when I 1st saw the "Drivin' Down The Block" video on BET, I was like who are these two clowns looking like they just came out of an 80's ad, and why are they on BET? So basically, the 1st time I heard it I got a bad impression. Then I went to their myspace and heard some tracks and listened to "Drivin' Down The Block" again... I was amazed. I ended up buying their album and I was not disappointed. They are very innovative with their music with a similar style to The Cool Kids but their rap techniques are totally different. I'm proud to say that they are a part of hip-hop's future.


10. Maino- HI HATER! No, but seriously....if you hated that track during the summer I can understatnd why. But Maino is more than a one hit wonder. He and Kay Slay have done plenty of mixtapes; and since I'm from Brooklyn, I've heard a lot of his music. He just keeps getting better. He has an album coming out soon and I'm looking foward to buying it (and so I can get a free hi-hater shirt. lol


Asher Roth, Charles Hamilton, Mickey Factz Freestyle

People Who Are Keeping Hip-Hop Alive

1. Lupe Fiasco- I don't know where the game would be w/o Lupe...thats all I have to say and if you don't have any of Lupe's material from mixtapes, "Lupe Fiasco's Food and Liquor" or "The Cool"...you don't like real hip-hop.

2. Ludacris- Luda always comes back strong and ready to punch somebody's lights out. Like I mentioned above, "The Preview" is my favorite solo artist mixtape for this year. "Theater of the Mind" is going to be crazy and I already know what I can expect from Luda.

3. The Game- I think "LAX" is a classic...yeah I said it! I did not find one flaw in this man's album. It is solid from start to finish and you can bump it straight through.

4. Nas- "Untitled/Nas" was the one of the most anticipated albums of this year. I think it lived up to its expectations. I needed songs like "Hero", "Black President", and "Fried Chicken" in my life. I think Nas will continue to be one of hip-hop's best and keep hip-hop alive.

5. T.I.- I'm still debating if "Paper Trail" is T.I.'s best album, but that's because its so good. I think T.I. is doing a good job and has a few more solid albums in him.

6. David Banner- "The Greatest Story Ever Told" was more than what I was expecting. Not only is this man spitting lyrics hard, but he is independently making beats consistently for himself and other artists in the game.

7. Kanye West- Everyone that knows me, knows that Kanye is my favorite artist. The Glow in the Dark Concert has been very successful and Kanye will continue to reinvent himself each album as we grow on with him as an artist.

8. Black Thought/The Roots- It might not seem like it but The Roots are an essential piece to hip-hop (but they have been and will continue to be). The Roots put out "Rising Down" this year and I was shocked to hear that so many people had it and liked it. These guys are legends who still do shows for the people like it their first day.

9. Gnarls Barkley- What Gnarls Barkley does for me does for me is bring that emotion in a different way. Their songs are deep and I find both albums that they put out to be above average.

10. Ice Cube- Ice Cube is still doing his thing on his new album. Cube still spitting like he is still in NWA. His album "Raw Footage" is just what the album says...RAW!!! Cube just expresses his true viewpoints on tracks without holding anything back. I think he touches on everything that hip-hop and this nation is going through.

11. Killer Mike- Killer Mike came back out of nowhere with freestyles and many features on tracks. I would definitely have to say he's holding it down for the south.

People To Watch Out For The End of 2008- 2009
All these artists have upcoming albums that are expected to be above average whether it because its their last album, or they haven't come out in a while, or that they never put out trash, or that its time to put out that album that the hood's been waiting.

1. Outkast
2. Jay-Z
3. Ludacris
4. Eminem
5. Mos Def
6. Common
7. Lupe Fiasco
8. Busta Rhymes
9. Jadakiss

Comeback Kids???

Joe Budden- Will "The Padded Room" put Joe Budden back on the radio but still give his fans a solid album?

Sauce Money- Ghostwriter for a lot of artists, Jay-Z put him on earlier in his career. Will it be his time to rise to the top?

Cam'ron- Will "Crime Pays" deviate from Cam's lazy ABC raps?

Dr. Dre- Will "The Detox" ever come out and can the Dr. come back after almost 10 years?

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CtotheB said...

What about Scarface "Emeritus"?

Can't forget about the original King of the South...

I see you Houston!

N. Steven said...

Personally, I think that if Detox comes out, he'd have to seriously have to BarryBond it. Like, really knock 14+ tracks out of the park, through a BMW windshield, and start the car up.

DJ NY said...

yeah...I forgot a/b the Scarface. Its funny how he just put out a song called "forgot about me".

DJ NY said...

You're right Detox better be a classic since we've been waiting so long on it.

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