My mind on shuffle: "I know you got soul!" edition

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It's been a long time...I shouldn't have left you...

Without a "mind on shuffle" to step to...

(C'mon, name that tune...I know you got soul!)

So much triumph and tragedy on my brain. Much has been said about the last debate between McCain and Obama so I won't chime in with my two cents--especially not this late in the game.

Instead watch this brief clip talking about the realer than real tragedies going on in communities all across America. This clip highlights Hempstead. Poor people have always been in a recession.

Reminds me of a great song by Morgan Heritage called "Nothing to Smile About"

Speaking of Jamdown, much praise is due to fellow Jamerican Colin Powell for giving Obama a cosign. 

In my book, this is a symbolic passing of the torch. Powell was that hope for many folks who thought he could become president and will help make his legacy bigger than his involvement in the Bush administration. 

I haven't seen Dubya yet but seeing Jeffrey Wright as Colin Powell makes me think about Billy Dee Williams in Undercover Brother

Before he sold General's Fried Chicken, Billy Dee actually was the spokesperson for Colt every time.

My friends, you won't get another anti-McCain/Palin article from me. I'll still talk about the election, but I won't sling mud...unless of course one of them does something undeniably ridiculous between now and election day. (Odds anyone?)

Til then, enjoy Terry Tate's opposition to offshore drilling:

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