Kill That Crack Head Terrorist Muslim Thug Nigger Hussein Obama

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Public Enemy released their seminal album, "It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back" in 1988.

I was two years old.

Now, 20 years later, we are on the cusp of seeing a black man elected President of the United States of America.

And things are starting to get ugly.

Old folks have been shook from the start. They have too many memories, too many scars.
We dismissed them. Said they were living in the past, that America has changed, that we are a different country.

I said it two weeks ago to my Grandfather who actually supports McCain. He said just watch, if Obama keeps on winning you will see what America really is.

At McCain rallies these days it is not uncommon to hear shouts of "Treason", "Terrorist", and "Kill Him" directed at Barack Obama.

And that's just the crowd.

Speakers have referred to Barack Obama by his middle name "Hussein" and keep calling him a liar and questioning his character and not his policies.

"That One" according to Cindy McCain tried to kill her son in Iraq.

"That One" according to Frank Keating ought to admit he was a guy on the street who used cocaine.

"That One" according to Sarah Palin has been "palling around with terrorists".

And "That One" is winning in the poles, and every day becomes closer to becoming President, and this is making a lot of people angry.

I mean really pissed off.

I mean they just might have to kill that crack head terrorist Muslim thug nigger Hussein Obama.

And the fact that the above sentence should be a clear example of hyperbole but isn't - sends a chill down my spine.

And the fact that the McCain campaign isn't denouncing this rhetoric and plans by their own admission to increase these negative and hateful attacks makes the chill even colder.

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