Happy Birthday Chris Burton!

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Few people in our generation can compare to Christopher Devon Burton.

The amount of awards and recognition he has racked up thus far in staggering.

Funny thing is - he barely seems to notice.

A lover of both his God and his Country, Chris Burton has devoted his entire life to helping people.

If you want to do something for Chris Burton on his birthday - go to the hood nearest you, find a kid who has it a little worse off than you did, and mentor him or her.

Don't just give your money to a cause. Don't just volunteer at a food bank.

Find one person, one family, one community - and start building relationships.

Sometimes we have to stop helping, and start saving lives.

This is what Chris Burton does on a regular basis. This is why we salute him. This is why we are proud that he writes for Art Star.

Chris we wish you well in Seminary and look forward to hearing about that truth you find on those mountaintops.

We will be right hear listenin'

Happy Birthday!!


Art Star

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