Magic tricks with pencils are no laughing matter

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No worries my friend. If this weekend ends and you are still under a rock and haven't seen The Dark Knight, I'm not gonna spoil it for you. Word to the honor code. 

I saw this incredible film on Thursday night and am still hype and hungry to see it again. I don't even know (nor care) if it lived up to expectations but I will say this.

  1. I'm usually that dude laughing at people who clap during movies. What's the purpose of this anyway? It's not real theatre, and none of the cats that made the film can hear you. 
  2. The Joker is now on my list of most terrifying villains I've ever witnessed. (This list is worthy of a post...stay tuned)
  3. I grew up a Superman fan and would always go to bat for him when people tried to say "Batman" was better. But you know what? This film may have confirmed my switched allegiances. Clark Kent is a bit too soft and his villains too corny to compete with Gotham's finest.
It's not a short movie but it keeps you wrapped up in it. You feel invested in the characters. And as much as I am saddened by Heath Ledger's untimely demise, you can see how he took this craft and elevated the Joker to a new level. This ain't Jack Nicholson making it rain while Prince pumps through the speaker. 

I'm the kind of movie watcher who gets so engrossed by what he's seeing that it takes me a while to shake the emotions from the film off. (Case in point: After seeing No Country for Old Men, I was straight shook leaving the movie theatre and looking for 6'5" blokes walking around with cattle guns) 

After seeing this, I had to concentrate on not thinking about the Joker. Even though I'd only get three hours of sleep Thursday night/Friday morning (up by 7 to teach Freedom Schools), I did not want to spend my time plagued by nightmares of his laughter or terror without remorse. Thankfully, I slept sound but that whole day I spoke in secret with coworkers who also saw the midnight screening. We all agreed: it was the best film we'd seen in a while and couldn't wait to see it again. One brother planned on seeing it again that Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. And you know what? I can't even play him, I'm hoping to see it again at least once next week. 

I've read one review that called this the best superhero movie he'd ever seen. I'm inclined to agree with him but I gotta see Spiderman 2 again to see if that's really how I feel.

But lemme know what y'all The Dark Knight the truth? 

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WHayes said...

It's definitely the truth. That "magic trick" let you know right from the beginning that this Joker was serious about the art of keeping people from breathing.

Will said...

spiderman2 ? No way. This film was one of the best ever because not only does it rock you with these perverse notions of evil, it also makes you wonder what is truly good and heroic.

CtotheB said...

I feel you but I'm saying Dr. Ock's fall from righteousness was pretty tragic too. Definitely trumps Harvey Dent's transformation. And Batman's deal was all about blurring the line of hero/anti-hero whereas Spiderman just needed to get over being so soft.

I'm tryna see Dark Knight in IMAX! I hear it changes lives...

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