it ain't from your experiments

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keep it right on spinnin' little bookworms. know your abc's and 123's with the pipette's shorty but goodie. this throwback band grasps the listener and takes 'em back to wolfman jack and the simple times of long car rides, pink caddy style. enter the world of the pipettes.


so funny story... the group started off with three phenomenal singers merged in an attempt to create a synthetic sound of the olden days mixed with the technology of now.  in the laboratory, the band lost the three singers, and were replaced with three new band members as of may 3rd.  go figure. 


usually dressed in polka-dotted dresses or something in the pink mix, our lovely ladies (old or new) have an incredible sound and produce a great retro vibe.


suck it right on up with a tea and biscuit and enjoy abc and don't forget to pull shapes!

The Pipettes

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