Swag Science 101

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Something that has been bothering me for quite some time is Facebook's enabling of those seeking to make private matters public. And I'm not just talking about the mere attention seekers (John Doe is crying himself to sleep and wishes you were here :() More specifically, I'm talking about the mini-feuds and pseudo beefs that people carry out through their facebook status.

It makes me wanna curse the day Diddy became their enabler. Now all day, everyday, people accuse each other of showing severe symptoms of "Bitchassness." What they fail to realize is that this may be a symptom as well!

If you are a boss, or trying to make boss-like moves, you do not have time to waste calling out your haters and those who wish failure on your head! Keep it moving! Haters never take a day off, why should you? Continue doing whatever it is that makes them mad (in most circles, it is called success) and as long as your heart is in the right place, the success shall continue.

But you may say that is too ideal. And to a degree, you would be right. You see, the problem is that this epidemic of double-dealing, jealously, and overall foolishness is real. But it is not authentic in its appearance. The problem does not reside in every cry of foul play, some of those criers are the main perpetrators! Haters must have evolved and now hate through accusing others of hating! Foolishness, my youth, foolishness! Tis like the boy who cried wolf on a whole 'nother level! My God!

Nevertheless, we must press on. It is a sober reality that those who are totally free from hate, aren't doing much of anything. The true freedom resides in your ability to succeed in spite of adversity, not because of its absence.

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ubeatin said...

I couldn't agree more. I'm quite tired of reading childish responses to "hate" as well. Folks need hobbies.

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