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While digging through my mind's vault, I decided to dedicate a blog to the "one who is always victorious." I remember seeing Muta perform on Def Poetry years back and never really thought to check for him afterword. Don't get me wrong, I definitely enjoyed "Dis Poem" but I never thought to ask any of my family members about him or do research about him on my own.

Last time I was in JA, my dad gave me a CD of dub poetry but I cannot remember if Muta was on it (and for the life of me cannot find that CD now). Nevertheless, beyond Muta's impact in the world of poetry, he is also an active--albeit incredibly controversial--voice at the theological table in Jamaica; often found refuting Christianity and promoting a brand of Rastafarianism that places him as an outlier.

In the following video clip, Muta is on "Religious Hard Talk" with acclaimed journalist Ian Boyne. You can get an idea of his core beliefs or 'livity' and the rhetoric that makes him so, in the very least, bold and challenging to the conventional ways of thought.

Dis clip is one of several conversations between the two (it is titled 1 of 11!) and has been parodied by Jamaican comedians Twin of Twins for their underground classic Stir it Up series. Truth be told, it is their hilarious impressions that led me to research (i.e Wikipedia) Muta and reintroduced me to the man that read that brilliant poem memories before.

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