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So cool, here we have two men squaring off for the title of "Leader of the Free World" so you know that there will be no stone left unturned as pundits search for any and all evidence for an uncrossed t or a dotless i. Understandable, yet I am puzzled--and slightly amused--to see so many crying foul at Obama's latest brilliant move. After years of championing public funding and a political career seemingly dedicated to revising the system (read making it fair and balanced), Obama's camp has decided to go with the formula that propelled him to this moment...REAL PUBLIC FINANCING.

What's the dishonor in that? If you had a chance to raise half a billion --if not more--would you take it or would you stick to your "word", take 84 million and allow the GOP 527's to pin the tail on the donkey?

I for one am a fan of Obama's swagger on this one. Somewhere along the line, changing your opinion became bad in American politics. For some reason, we have made it equivalent to being a bandwagon fan in sports. We all saw John Kerry get pummelled for "flip-flopping" and being a "waffler" on the war in Iraq. But when more facts reveal themselves, you are supposed to make the best decision accordingly. This isn't the Knicks we're talking about, there is absolutely no honor in being loyal to the wrong opinion.

So, Obama looking at the facts and realizing that his spending power (though not in all cases, as shown in the shellacking he took in Pennsylvania) played an important part in his rise to the presumptive nominee. No longer having to be selective in his campaigning, Obama can rival the new iPhone and Peyton Manning for commercial spots. This may piss people off (after all, we all hate seeing the same commercial over and over), but we're not talking about a new flavor of Doritos, rather, a new flavor of politics (who's tired of sour ranch?)

David Brooks wrote a cool op-Ed on Obama's idealist/tough Chicagoan style of politics. Of course, no one is expecting or condoning risking your integrity for the election. Yet, in spite of the chorus of voices suggesting this is Obama's inevitable horn-bearing moment, I beg to differ. All these calls of Obama's betrayals are nothing more than people crying foul when they realize he's no spring chicken. Their sentiments about his naivete are quickly giving way to the unavoidable fact that this brother is smart!

Tell the truth though, you mad mad!

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