In memory of the Sonics (CtotheB's NBA Preview Part 2)

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O Seattle, I wear this in memory of better times...

Before I get into my Western Conference preview, allow me to wax poetic about my favorite Western Conference team. A lot of people don't know this--cuz all I talk about is "Go NY, Go NY, Go!"--but I've got mad love for the Sonics. And you know I'm not on any fairweather tip because they have been nothing short of lousy before Clay Bennett stole them away.

I'm talking back when Shawn Kemp was the greatest player on NBA JAM (Tournament Edition).

Have a bit of a refresher on how amazing the "Reignman" was...

The Knicks and Sonics have a lot of weird connections. 

Both fan bases had an opportunity to witness Xavier McDaniel.

Patrick Ewing (Legendary Knick) and Lenny Wilkens (Legendary Sonic) spent the twilight of their careers in Seattle and New York respectively. 

Both clubs were speed bumps in Jordan's drive to six rings.

And last year, both fan bases dealt with tremendous shame. 

But I cannot even compare the mere embarrassment Knicks fans dealt with to the blatant theft of the Seattle Sonics.

I will not recognize the Oklahoma City Thunder...flat out refuse.

My only hope is the Thunder stay in the Northwest region so by the time the Sonics return, they can create a bitter rivalry that leads to quality basketball.

To all our readers who are fans of the Sonics, keep ya head up and if you need any counseling, I know plenty of Browns fans.

Without further ado, my picks for Western Conference division winners and playoff predictions:

Northwest: Utah, Portland, Denver, Oklahoma City, Minnesota
Southwest: New Orleans, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Memphis
Pacific: Lakers, Phoenix, Golden State, Clippers, Sacramento

1. New Orleans
2. Lakers
3. Utah
4. Houston
5. Portland
6. San Antonio
7. Phoenix
8. Dallas
9. Denver
10. Oklahoma City
11. Memphis
12. Clippers
13. Sacramento
14. Minnesota

Chris Paul and company over Dallas
Lakers over Phoenix
San Antonio over Utah
Portland over Houston

New Orleans over Portland
Lakers over San Antonio

Kobe's Wrath over New Orleans

Wanna know who I have winning it all?

Tune into part 3 tomorrow...

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PicturesqueMusiq said...

Shawn Kemp was the epitome of bad ass on NBA JAM. Kemp and Detlef Schrempf (who cares if thats not how you spell it) were the secret dynamic dup in the original.
Oh the sonic Glory Days.

CtotheB said...

People always talk about Bo Jackson in Tecmo Bowl but I've gotta put Kemp as the best video game athlete of all time.

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