Nebula Music: "This Girl"- Tortoiseshell

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As if you didn't spend enough money for Thanksgiving and Christmas... 
Valentines Day is quickly approaching and it's time for you to start emptying your pocketbook once again to purchase those silk roses, "Made In China" embroidered bears, conflict jewelry and enough processed sweets to make you temporarily forget whatever you and your significant other were arguing about merely the night before.

Ahh, yeah, crank up some Barry White, and crack open that box of Franzia because it's time to buy some affection. I've always found V-Day a bit meaningless, even when I partook of the festivities: dinner, cards, candy, and jewelry, it all seemed so forced. Feburary 14th is the one day of the year that you can boast about how there's actually a person in this world who thinks you're "Someone Special" without seeming like you need to feel validated.

Consumer holidays always make us tend to forget what's most important, it's difficult to think through that blinding shade of red and those sweetheart themed radio and television marathons disguised in the name of love, but thick with the secretion of sex. This holiday, which isn't in the least bit holy, shovels in media gimmicks and artistic cheese drizzled onto the classics of romanticism.

All in the name of cupid, things that usually require time, commitment and attention are compartmentalized into microwaveable "ToGo" packs for the sake of instant satisfaction. Love isn't something that you can slap a glittery heart shaped sticker on and call it "true". Love should be about patience and taking pleasure in growth, unity, and understanding, about meditation and silence. Love should seek after knowing something greater than just "feeling good".

I recently received word of Australian "surf" band  Tortoiseshell while sifting through the media blasts sent to Art Star's inbox. After looking over the email I found myself thinking  As if the world needs another one of those late night, cookie cutter love songs or even worse, those condensed, techno pop, Ke$ha styled, "let's kiss behind the bleachers" tracks that sound more like the chants of a high school cheerleading squad rather than actual music.

I was pleasantly surprised by this bands 80's sound, "This Girl" is like a dose of  summer love, the type of affection that feels like it could last forever. Check out Tortoiseshell's fresh and light take on indie rock odes of admiration...

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