The Ballad of You and I.

Posted 1/06/2011 by Amy Kristen in Labels: , , , , , , ,
Photograph by Amy Kristen

Maybe I’m ready.

Maybe it’s time.
Tomorrow I could take a step
And will my limbs to climb.

But how do you make the change
From a Maybe to a Yes?

Maybe I’ll say I’m sorry.
Maybe you’ll say it’s fine.
Or perhaps you’ll say goodbye,
And leave me clutching to the line.

I want to say I love you,
But instead I’ll fade away.

Maybe hearts mend.
Maybe wounds heal.
Maybe it’s time to change,
Though reality seems unreal.

I know I’m no fortune teller,
Because all I see is mist.

Maybe you’ll come find me.
Maybe I’ll let you in.
Your pillow lies shapeless on my bed
And I’m drowning in the din.

A simple button can rewind a disk,
But you and I keep spinning forward.

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