[.BreakBread.]DADA 25th Anniversary Event @ Dallas Contemporary

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Never have I ever had.

The inkling that bringing various aspects of expression under the social umbrella that is "DADA",would allow me to experience so many equally intoxicating pleasures that all art forms have to offer.

But that's.
Probably because this is bigger than me.

The Dallas Art Dealers Association held their 25th Anniversary Event at The Dallas Contemporary last Saturday, in conjunction with the awarding of their 5th Annual Edith Baker Scholarship.
Needless to say, even though the theme of this celebration surrounded an ideal of, "THE ANTI-SCENE".Touche',is rightly called at this group's legit contemporary spin on the social "rendez-vous" of that time.

Disgustingly catchy 80's pop, immaculately befitting hors d' oeuvres,and equally captivating art pieces filled the space.As well as Dada art movement impersonators, paper collage making with local dallas artist,and Pop-up rants/dance performances.
[The open bars were also definitely not.A bad thing]

Models in the fashion installation featuring designs by Darian Thomas.

Extremely encompassing mixed media piece, by an artist I cannot name at this time.[If anyone knows the information on any of the unmentioned artists shown.You would be a true bad-ass to run that by me.]

Two artists In particular that stimulated some salivating glands were..


Jen Rose.[Mirror,Mirror Exhibition]

and Kit Reisch.[piece entitled,"Take Me With You"]

Needless to say they're was.Quite the style stalking to be done as well.

Michelle.[Local fine art advisor.]

Anna.[Representative for The Contemporary.Apparently this brocade blazer was Dior?Annnnnditwaslike$3.]

Justin.[One of the Make-up artist for the models in the instillation.]

[And this random dapper gentleman.He actually wasn't that random but.As I stated it was a really good night.]

Oh.I almost forgot Leo,the linguistic literary playwright of 2023.Not that I could really.

To find out more about this event.Don't ask me 'cause I obviously don't remember.

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