Jazz Fusion: A Conversation with Marcus Roberts

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This sound reminded me of mint chocolate... 

  While listening I closed my eyes and envisioned a park set in the fall, surrounded by trees, golden-red leaves brushing through the cool breeze. I was listening to jazz, damn smooth jazz at that. Music meant to heal the listener. With “He’s always been there” on replay, I was waist deep in sentiment and reflection that put my daily stresses on hold and opened up the door to attainable bliss. Marcus Roberts creates a story that draws from his experiences while remaining universal, “I want to basically be transparent and let people into my head. I figure people are basically the same and some stuff I go through and overcome can help you with situations you come to.”  

  Marcus, head pianist for the Marcus Roberts Trio, “grew up less fortunate” than a lot of the musicians he’s worked with and throughout his success he still remains humble. “I respect the things I’ve achieved a lot more. I really thank God for puttin’ me in situations that made me work for my skills.” Most of the artists he’s “shared the stage with” received music lessons at an early age and “were cultured in music their whole adolescence”, but Roberts bears a history that yields the most unique creativity, the kind listeners can relate with.

   Inspired by the likes of artistic greats such as Michael Jackson, Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, and Stevie Wonder, Marcus infuses classic and contemporary sounds. Under the name Mavrick Traxx, Marcus cooks up R&B and Hip-Hop styled beats, his goal being that secular artists become inspired and “get back to creating music that means something and makes you feel a certain way.”

  There is nothing certain like the high you feel when great artists work together to create a piece that is profoundly satisfying. I have a huge appreciation for mash-ups, the type of music that’s mainstream, but can’t be aimlessly thrown into the pop genre because it’s that deep. Marcus serves this type of collaboration; he has worked with national artists from Montel Jordan, Ray J, and Eric Roberson to local and indie artists like Algebra Bassett, and Choklate. “I like working with others because of the different musical conversations that occur.”

   These “conversations”, not to be confused with lectures, the type of shallow music that's merely "good" to listen to, (When music should remain multifaceted) can be found on Marcus’s upcoming jazz record entitled “3”. You can also find Marcus Roberts and a host of Hip-Hop artists at Park in Downtown Dallas on September 30 for “The Cipher”, the first in a series of Thursday night performances as a part of the Green Bandana Project: So hot you need a password.

Honey is sticky,but the bee is sweet …

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