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[The Prequel]
Upon meandering into Nuvo, a boutique located on Cedar Springs [that after 23 years, still seems to permeate my fondest memories of Dallas.Past and present apparently]

[Designer Ryan Roberts]

We found their most current of imports,Ryan Roberts.
A Canadian bred, 12 year L.A. based designer of contemporary,yet timeless women and menswear. Decked in effortlessly understated flavor, not too far paralleled from his own line, we discussed inspirations, connotations, and translations of the concepts implemented into his featured trunk show collection.

The ideal mentality pushed behind Robert's designs is that of , "The simplistic Jet-Setter".
"Nothing's overstated", says Roberts.Which rings true.
Each piece is constructed with the utmost attention to appropriate detail. Using his background in mostly menswear to incorporate said structure and tailoring into a more comfortable, feminine perspective .
Adding key touches, such as Italian boiled wools and well established Swiss hardware, give a vibe of easy luxury.

Though his designs have crossed the international waters of Japan and London.
The key influences this season are the flavors and color palette of Morocco, a recent destination experienced by the designer.

[Ryan Roberts F/W 2010 Womens Wear]
[Second set of womens F/W 2010 collection]
Evoking the "washed tobaccos,olives,preserved lemon, and eggplant" hues seen in the current collection.

Further subtle "Puddy" shades and geometric patterns, inspired by the same country, will be incorporated in the upcoming S/S collection as well.

Functionality is another checkpoint in Ryan Roberts concept.With the social state of mind taking heed to a desire for more versatility and practicality when investing in key pieces, Roberts has incorporated aspects of reversible functions and an ease in transporting.

[Jessie coat.F/W 2010]
[Chris vest.F/W 2010]
The Jessie coat and Chris vest are prime examples.
Ryan's mens line is in no way shape of form inferior.The same attention to detail is given and thus leaves his clients feeling nothing short of well put together,even in the most casual of settings.
Another point of reference to the wearer of his designs would be,"Someone who is interested in fashion,[but] not overwhelmed by it", states Roberts.
Interested indeed.
The use of materials such as memory holding taffeta and sculptural wiring details give a nod to the innovative rapidness of technology and fashion becoming more than.
Just acquaintances.

Knowledge is power Ryan.
And with that state of mind?
You'll stay forever, as a resonating force to be reckoned with in the fashion world.

More information on pieces mentioned here and about the designer can be found at.
Ryan Roberts


The Inspiration
Ryan Roberts fall 2010 collection is a direct reflection of the simplistic qualities of his spirit, perspective and antiquity. He asserts that he has a “story”, one of modesty and pleasure, a paradox he gracefully narrates through his works.
Ryan Roberts displaying a vest in his menswear collection
While conversing with Ryan he recounted the time he spent in his first job serving tea to customers at an inn and that his family is a group of distinct entrepreneurs. “Providing” for others has always been a part of his mission, which is portrayed in the distinct and wearability of his classic pieces. He’s inspired by “family stories”; describing members of his collection as a “trusted friend” he considers himself a clothing designer not a fashion designer, always keeping the day to day reality of the wearer in mind. His work is not merely a reflection of his perspective as an individual.

Shira Dress - Fall 2010
Jaclene Shift - Fall 2010
Although born abroad Roberts most admires the work of Claire McCardell, an artist who emerged during the Second World War and created “Very American” designs. Because of fabric shortages during the war she was forced to keep things “simple” but it is these sorts of understatements that Roberts finds most charming and although having an abundance of fabric available to him he opts for timelessness over opulence as he weaves classic American culture into his work.

Wrap Cardigan - Fall 2010
Relating his design choices to tactile experiences, he notes that he wants the wearer to have some sort of cognitive response to his collections. He compares the pleasurable encounter you may have when being surrounded by his textiles to the comfort you may also possess when indulging in a warm and balanced culinary dish. Once introduced to his fall 2010 collection I was surrounded by a multitude sensory enjoyment. The rich scents of chocolate and caramel collaborating subtly with cinnamon and sandalwood accompanied by smooth and “easy” hints of calm were ultimately satisfying.

Lighter notes of this deep blend will be seen in his 2011 spring collection which focuses on the “graphicness of geometric shapes” and the boldness of neutrals while experimenting with the smooth and natural drape that conveys the ultimate romanticism of spring.

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