Holy Homage, Batman?

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This is Selena Gomez being inappropriately sparkly in the video for her new single, "Naturally." To anyone over 20, the video will feel oddly familiar to the White "We're Not Siblings, We're Married" Stripes' video for Seven Nation Army, which rocked our eyeballs (appropriately enough) seven years ago in 2003. Huh? Is "Seven Nation Army" even old enough to warrant such heavy-handed "homage?" Am I old enough to be commenting on Selena Gomez videos?

Do the kids even know where her handlers got the inspiration for those nifty graphics from?

My opinions on originality aside, I'll leave the commentary to you guys. At least we get to see what the inspiration would look like remastered in HD.

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automaticdoor said...

There's no way the kids know about it. My sister, a huge fan of "Naturally," is 12. No way she's probably ever even heard of the White Stripes, despite my best efforts.

WHayes said...

Damnit, you're right. I just checked with my own 16 year old sister, and she'd never seen the Stripes' either.

smartblackboy said...

welcome to the rest of your life...

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