Bar Tales Chapter 14: Teacup

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I can not write poems that will bring fathers back to life

All I can do is make you feel like you are all I see

when in a room full of people, I can make you glow

brighten your entire day, if you let me

I can rescue you from yourself, because I believe

in your potential, in my capacity to love,

there is something so fragile

about your face when you look at me, fighting

a lifetime of trust issues, trying not to care,

yet you are blushing – because we can’t hide,

from everything that frightens us, everything that makes

us smile. I am ashamed sometimes that you are the last

person I think about when I go to sleep

and the first thought I have when I wake up

I never wanted to care about the distance

it takes for you to blink or that you weren't ever

going to be a fairy tale – you are just everything

I spent my whole life avoiding, the one girl

I want by my side.

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