A Little Movie

Posted 1/07/2010 by fotoloka in Labels: , , ,
Since college years studying painting and design I've thought that one of the most wonderful careers would be an editor of movie trailers. I can sit through all those "coming attractions" just mesmerized by the editing....good commercials work for me too. My own work has been single images, often series of images creating a story or composite of sorts, but I'm getting more interested in multimedia....duh, me and a billion people....but whatever.

This is the first attempt, excluding the 7 minute documentary I did with a partner as part of a video production class, at what I hope is a new found source of expression both visually, audibly, and who knows yet, what else as it unfolds.

While roaming around NY over Thanksgiving I meandered into the Apple Store on Fifth Ave. The footage is one take, with no edits, shot under the transluscent stairs.

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