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Hello Disco - Ze!
I am Glam - Ze

A feisty chick that's emerging as a vibrant trend setter and innovative musician, Ze! pops in as a force to be reckoned with in 2010. With a synth-pop club sound, the MIA comparisons are limited but her individual touch and boy lusting streams through her songs and art. Take a sec and enjoy our chat with the lovely Ze!

AS: Right now, who do you think is revolutionizing music a)globally and in b) Kuala Lumpur? Why do you think so? What are they doing differently than the rest of the crowd?

Ze!: In Malaysia, I'd say KRU, a boy-band of 3 brothers who've been around for more than 15 years and are still creating changes in the Malaysian industry not only with music but also with movies. Globally, I think artists like Madonna, Kanye West and MIA are revolutionizing not just music but image as well. They're distinctive and I guess you gotta be made of steel and be a little crazy to put yourself out there and make a stand. While everyone else seem to want to follow trends, they don't listen and wait for trends to happen but get out there and create their own.

AS: Could you recap this past year; where you've performed, who you've met, songs you wrote and any effects that the journey has had on your music?

Ze!: This has been a good year! I did the European tour in July and opened for Chicks on Speed and Afrikan Boy, performed at Reebok's Pump Up 20th anniversary party in Berlin, collaborated with many talented producers and got 2 of my songs picked up by MTV. I simply can't complain. Not so much this year, because the journey that has created a lot of change for myself and my music was actually in 2008 where I spent a whole summer in UK and Europe going to the biggest music festivals like Glastonbury, V festival, etc. We don't have these sort of festivals back in KL and I can't quite imagine Malaysians camping out in the mud just to see their favorite bands play. So just being around this energy and experiencing the craziness has helped me grow so much as an artist.

AS: When is your next album release and tour? For both of those, what are you most excited about?

Ze: My album is scheduled for release this January and working on a tour in the summer. As I would tell my friends, it is a complete nightmare getting these things together and I work my butt off but in the end it is worth every tear and sweat! Having the album would be great tool getting my music out there and sharing it with the world; and touring is always an adventure, i love discovering new places and making new friends.

AS: Could you describe your recording experience thus far? Who did you work with: producers, clowns, musicians? Any words of wisdom?

Ze: Being in the studio can be fun and it can be very stressful as well. I studied at SAE so it's good to know the ins and outs of a recording studio as an artist because I know what it's also like to be on the other end of the room pressing the record button. I've been in the studio with producers, musicians, voice-over talents and there's really nothing glamorous about it. But being a part of creating something new is a great feeling, and it's beautiful. Words of wisdom? Always come prepared!

AS: Over the past few months what are some of the road blocks/ difficult times you’ve over come. What did you learn about yourself and the music industry?

Ze!: The past few months have been difficult, because I made the decision to leave the fashion line entirely to my sister now so I can focus full-time on my music. I spent sleepless days and nights thinking and doing research, but mostly I was listening to my instincts. It's been an eye-opener and I wonder why it took me so long to finally do this. I guess, without realizing it, I was doubting myself and I learned that there really is just one person and one thing only that can stop you from getting to your dreams and that is you and you alone. The music industry is tough, as all kinds of show businesses are, which is what makes it so damn irresistable!

AS: Your style really allows you to stand out from the crowd, where do you look for new ideas and inspiration for your threads?

Ze!: Thank you. I don't think I go out of my way to get ideas, I mostly like to browse about at the most random of places and if something catches my eye I’ll get it. And then it's about mixing and matching those things together which is the fun part. But I do like reading or watching something that has nothing to do with music or fashion whatsoever and then put the 2 together to create something new.

AS: What life experience(s) comes through the most in your music? How are you able to manifest it in your music?

Ze!: My love life and my contradicting need to be accepted. I'm a very passionate person and I put all of me into just about everything I do. It's actually a rather dangerous way to live because when you're hurt you're really broken, but when it's good it's really really good. I can't really write what I can't feel. I'm probably most honest when I'm writing music. And instead of it making me feel vulnerable or exposed, it gives me relief like a huge burden taken off my shoulders and that keeps me moving forward.

AS: Is there anything you would like to tell our readers?
Ze!: Thanks for reading and have a kick ass 2010!

Check Ze! on her webpage and myspace.

As always, sample the cuts here but buy now!

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WHayes said...

And I think Darryl (smartblackboy) would agree with this, but she reminds me of that magical time between Fall 2007 and Spring 2008 when indie music was just the shiz, and hadn't devolved into electromush. Twas the age of Missingtoof. The old Missingtoof.

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