Bar Tales Chapter 13: Pumpkin

Posted 12/12/2009 by smartblackboy in Labels: , ,

Baby meet me in the hallway, around the corner
slumped against the bricks, my body
tingles at the idea of you
thrown against the wall
your neck open as prairie fields in Texas
tongue caressing ear
I want to hear the sound your mouth makes
feel your body buckle against me
I don't want it to be civilized
Semi-public I want the shame
of being discovered to burn your skin
My hand unlocking secret reservoirs
my fingers becoming wells
I want you to squeeze your arousal
break your vow of silence
I want to revel in your knowledge
cause earthquakes, famines, and floods
I want to hear the name of God
worship at the spine of your back
I want every time you cum
to exorcise ghosts of past lovers
until you are pure again
all nerves and desire
I want to kiss you for the first time

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