Please find this as hilarious as me

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So I was poking around on Covered earlier tonight, getting a feel for the blog before I make my own submission (no such thing as too much pub), when I stumbled across these delectably demented faux food-ads (or were they real?) by bred-from-bats illustrator Matthew Allison. I must share them with you.

No backstory on these yet, and the explanation is best left to your own design. Just bask in the glory.

(click for full-size version)

Be sure to check out his blog, and check it often.

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CtotheB said...

This is absurd lol

I like the Chembrain/Batman one the most.

WHayes said...

This guy has a lot of good stuff, although Google turns up very little about him personally. Closest thing I found was his correspondence as a member of a slightly NSFW specialty dvd forum. No, really.

PicMuse said...

Thannks for the nsfw warning, shoulda listened.

WHayes said...

Oh no. Hopefully it wasn't too traumatic an experience.

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