Album Reviews: The Blueprint 3 & Man On The Moon: End of Day

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Jay-Z's The Blueprint 3

Over the past two weeks this has been the topic that I have talked about the most amongst my friends. There are people I know who love it and people I know that did not think this album was up to par. I think BP3 is far from his Jay-Z's worst album: BP3 > Kingdom Come > In My Lifetime Vol. 1 > Blueprint 2. (Out of 11 albums, 4th from the bottom isn't bad right?) Everything else from Jay, I consider a classic or close to it.

I didn't like certain songs when it leaked, but it grew on me when I heard these same songs put together as an album. However, l still can't stand the hook on "Reminder" (even Jay said in an interview that it wasn't up to par & that he was about to cut it from the album) & on "Venus vs. Mars" I don't like the beat/hook but the wordplay is definitely serious. Besides that I really like this album, especially because it has that New York feel to it & it makes me feel proud to be from Brooklyn.

My Top Songs off BP3

1. "Already Home" (if anyone else but CuDi was on the hook I prolly wouldn't like it as much) Lyrics are hard and I like how Jay-Z addresses things that has been said about him on this song.

1. (tied) "A Star is Born" (like the vibe of the song especially since i grew up on everything Jay-Z talks about in this song. It's like a mini-tribute to the rappers who have accomplished a lot from the time that Jay-Z has been in the game.)

2. "So Ambitious" (I feel like this is Blue Magic 2 with the Pharrell collaboration. This song is so inspiring, letting you know that whatever they say you can't do, prove them wrong & do it anyway.)

3. "Empire State of Mind" (You have to be from New York picture everything he's talking about vividly. I like Alicia on the hook too.)

4. "Hate" (KanYe & Jay-Z addressing haters on a song is really funny)

5. "On To The Next One" (This will be a club banger... I really like how Swizz samples "D.A.N.C.E." by Justice into the song.)

6. "Run This Town" (like the lyrical content & the beat, has a NY vibe to it also)

Empire State of Mind - Jay-Z (featuring Alicia Keys)

KiD CuDi's Man On The Moon: End of Day

AS SOON AS I HEARD IT, it became in my Top 5 favorite albums of ALL TIME [1. The College Dropout, 2. Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, 3. Marshall Mathers LP, 4. The Black Album/The Blueprint, 5. Common- Be, ...& then there was CuDi]

To be honest I like the whole thing. I think the "Enter Galactic" song could have been better but his lyrics are still there. I thought Common was the perfect person to commentate throughout his album & it is the most original piece of work I have heard in a long time.

My Top Songs off Man on the Moon: End of Day

1. "Solo Dolo" (This is my theme song, I can relate to it in every aspect.)

2. "Alive" (I am a big fan of Ratatat & the electronic vibe matches what CuDi does on the song)

3. "Hyyer" (This song is real mellow & if you get high, it would be the perfect song for you)

4. Rest of the album

Alive- Kid Cudi (featuring Ratatat)

I did not like that the album had a cliffhanger feel to it. It could have had a bettter ending or something. CuDi said that it's supposed to segue into his next album, but that will be two years from now. Overall, I really like it and I'm happy I bought it. It is very creative & I get CuDi's whole concept.

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