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Amy Bruce's studio space

A few posts back, I featured Amy Bruce's photography. I asked her a few questions about her work, and she responded with some very thoughtful answers!

Where do you find inspiration for your work?
I have a habit of seeking out stillness and calm in my daily routine. I appreciate good design and have always had a physical reaction when seeing a building or a place for the first time, or when in certain public spaces (or maybe, not for the public but I snuck in anyway :) My images are the combination of my pursuit of visual peace with my great respect and love I have for architecture.

How did you become drawn to architecture as a main focus for your work?
I have always appreciated the great power architecture injects into a space. The intent with all the images I create, while documenting my travels and experiences, is to create a moment that makes a person really feel and experience a space, not just recognize what it is or where it is, but how it feels to be there, in a certain place and time, smell the smells, feel the drafts, and perhaps wonder if anyone is around, as people are rarely included in my compositions.

You're a teacher. Do your students provide inspiration?
Absolutely~ I teach high school and college level so the opportunity to see someone really find their voice within their work is really inspiring. As their work develops (no pun intended !) we often riff off of each other with different techniques which I sometimes find mysefl incorporating into my own work. My high school students are such sponges....they really get into the darkroom processes and I love watching them get hooked on photography and all you can do with it.

What are your favorite techniques?
Although I love mixing technologies, analog with digital....I'd have to say I am a die hard darkroom junkie. My brother was a photographer when I was growing up and we had a darkroom in the basement so I had a curiosity for it early in life. Based on that I am really drawn to much more hands-on processes, such as cyanotype, image transfers, and Polaroid lifts. I'm also experimenting with drawing on fiber prints to complete the image printed using a template.

What's your favorite camera to use?
I take my Nikon D80's like my sketchbook. I also use a Holga and an old Ansco I found at a flea market. It uses 120 mm film and has a limited focal range, but the contrast is amazing.

What does your studio space look like? (see photo above)
I am a member of the Covergence Shared Studios in Alexandria. I was just chosen to join in July so it's a work in progress, but I love it~ It's an old pre-school so the walls are currently yellow. But I am white washing that sucker as soon as feasibly possible! It has changed since this photo, but I am going to update on my blog its many incarnations. I am in a huge room with 2 other artists currently, so the space is phenominal to have. There's even wifi :) Thanks Covergence!

Where are you next showcasing your work?
I will have a booth at Art on The Avenue in Del Ray on Oct. 3rd, and will be a part of the Del Ray Dozen Photography Exhibit in November. I have several other shows I've submitted work to that I'm awaiting to hear about, but will post on my blog everything as it comes about.

For more info on Amy Bruce, check our her blog and follow her on Twitter!

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WHayes said...

Nice interview. Do you think you'll do a follow-up with her in a few months??

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