Dance: A learning expeirence for us all

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In the year that ArtStar has been up and running, I don’t think we’ve once gotten into the medium of dance (quick check the tabs and do a search). We may have included Justice’s D.A.N.C.E remix here or there but not the actual form.

There is a phenomenon, 5 seasons in the making, that produces some of the greatest entertainment, characters, and emotions of any reality/talent TV show out there. Fox’s program, So You Think You Can Dance, has had 11 Emmy nominations and 1 Emmy award for the spectacular bench piece in season 2 with Travis and Heidi. More on Travis later.

For those not familiar with the show, it is one of the few talent based programs that requires their contestants to move completely out of their comfort zones. Each contestant is judged on their ability to excel in multiple dance forms. American Idol does have vocal talent but their music is arranged to suit each contestant’s strengths. Every week the dancers pull a dance style out of a hat and roll with it. Arguably, the structure of SYTYCD’s takes the dancers away from their strengths to see how they are able to adapt and grow one week at a time. The dreaded quick step, crumping, and the Argentine Tango all have caused problems for randomly selected pairs in the past, but for those that are able to conquer these tasks in a week; sheer glory and beauty await them on Thursdays during the results show.

Admittedly, I did not watch the ground breaking first season but was hooked for the second season and never let go. Season 3, Lauren stole my heart and now Ade, Jeanine and Evan have held my attention and captivate me with their smiles and their range of talents. There are now only four left and it is left in the hands of the viewers. Without a doubt, the piece below is the performance to remember, replay, and move you.

Though SYTYCD doesn’t produce the name power like American Idol and America’s Got Talent, it does give dancers a path for dance as a career. After the show’s second season, more and more of its talent started popping up in movies (High School Musical and Hairspray), TV shows (America’s Best Dance Crew), and throughout Broadway. Some former standouts have moved into choreography. The aforementioned Travis made his choreographing debut this season with two pieces thus far. Both were magical, innovative, and pure class. Here, the show is unique in that it doesn’t make money off of album sales following the contest, it looks to develop talent and create great dance entertainment.

With their 100th show this season, the mainstays on the show reflected on everything that shaped their journey and the lives that were touched. The resounding truth is that this program, in conjunction with the other dance contests, has inspired so many, especially males, to take part in and enjoy the world of dance.

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