Bar Tales Chapter 10: Falling In Love

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As I lay dying all I can remember is the grass;
green, and her eyes brown, and her face
brown, and the sound of the frost
cutting the air and how my soul turns
into origami as it exits,
and how small are the holes
the soul sifts through; and as I lay
dying I can’t help but remember
how she had once saved my life
years ago, when I was just a boy,
and now I’m just a young man,
but 7 years is a lifetime to a ghost;
and somewhere I remember music,
whether real or imagined there is always
laughter and sighs and her eyes/
my life/ was lost/ and found
and lost again; those eyes
penetrating my flesh until she could see
God smiling behind me, even now
my heart still hurts from not saying I love you;
origami castles make questions of infatuation
trivial; and even though you were a person
I barely knew, you are the only person I can
remember, it’s weird,
how even after my eyes close,
I can still see your smile.

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