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NBA superstar Stephon Marbury has probably seen it all and done it all growing up in Coney Island. However, we do not know everything he has seen or done; and based off what we perceive, we have to make our own assumptions about celebrities. It is seldom for the public to see what an average day is like for a celebrity (without the help of people who find that out for a living). Yes; celebrities have blogs, reality shows, etc. But can you name a male celebrity who has recorded himself on camera crying (besides Perez Hilton) while having a grown man console him, having a morning routine that requires off-key singing, bad dancing (maybe Spectacular), while a man films you while you're half naked (well I guess you get used to that as a basketball player *no pun intended*), and eating vaseline for having a sore throat? I can't recall any celebrity who has. But my question to you is (after you watch the videos): Is it just me, or is this "sweet" behavior coming from Starbury, and why would he show this to millions of people on his web show? Do they do this in Coney Island? Please voice your opinion.

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