New Star Trek Movie: Full of Holes

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Though Patrick Stewart really liked the new Star Trek movie, it is full of holes. Not black holes, but inconsistencies and it wreaked havoc on the Gene Roddenberry trek mythology that he created. It shows a definite disrespect for Roddenberry’s work and a lack of concern for long time fans that are knowledgeable concerning the mythology.

The time travel bit didn’t really explain the holes and the movie, as part of the Star Trek universe doesn’t work. It just didn’t cut trekkie mustard. All old time fans and any others that have really looked into it know that Spock’s mother was in many of the original episodes, but in the movie she is killed off. Plus, the planet Vulcan was never exploded into tiny bits. Sorry to offend the gullible watchers of the new movie, but there wasn’t a clear explanation of these inconsistencies.

One thing any avid reader and possibly watcher of science fiction knows is that the writer whether of short stories, novels or screenplays sets up a world with its own culture and dynamics and the rules aren’t broken. When the rules are broken it isn’t a science fiction story anymore—it is a massacre. It is basically just junk then and shows the laziness of those that couldn’t write a good story while staying within the confines of the set rules for the said universe. In the case of a movie, this may include the screenwriter, producer, and director.

More could be said about the failure of this movie to produce a real Star Trek story, but why should I keep beating a dead hole riddled movie? The holes speak for themselves.

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