My Mind on Shuffle (Premier Twitter Edition)

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Art Stars may be familiar with my erratic series known as "My Mind on Shuffle"

Well I got to thinkin' (get your umbrellas out) and have decided to make this a staple of Art Star through using my tweets throughout the week (and you thought Twitter was a waste of time ha!)

If there are tweets worthy of sharing with you all, they shall be posted!

If you tweet something to me that must be shared with fellow Art Stars...they shall be posted!

Enough with my declarations...let's get into some tweets shall we?

Across the nation, June often means election time for city elections, primaries, etc. Upon my return to East Orange, I was overwhelmed with the amount of Obamaisms candidates flagrantly misused. Thus provoking this tweet:

I_AM_CtotheBSMH at local politicians swagger jacking Obama's movement. Unlike the Pres, YOU might not be the change we need

Which led me to think about an article from Glenn Beck (back when he was on CNN and didn't dabble in as much lunacy) and the failure of local governments for most chocolate cities:

I_AM_CtotheBOne argument repubs have I agree with: local officials in our chocolate cities (mostly dems) have their hand in why these cities haven't recovered

My attention soon turned to sports, specifically, the Magic-Lakers series. Phil Jackson is on his way to his tenth championship ring, and though I have resentment toward him going back to his days with the Bulls, I couldn't help but notice how bombed out and depleted he is starting to look. Thus, provoking the question:

I_AM_CtotheBWho is stealing Phil Jackson's essence?

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