See and Be Seen: 36 Hours Of Underground Art Fun in Dallas, TX

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In honor of one of my best friends and Art Star writer, Matt Hayes - I have put together our probable itinerary for our weekend in Dallas. It is super artsy and covers some of the coolest places, groups, and events you might not have known existed in Dallas.

Friday June 19, 2009

1 p.m. Darryl's House

Matt Hayes, my best friend, fraternity brother, line brother, fellow artist, and partner in crime, who I talk to everyday but haven't seen in a year - arrives to Casa de Ratcliff. There are general hello's and greetings with my family, and with luggage dropped off into the guest bedroom we depart.

2 p.m. Goody Goody Liquor - Oak Lawn

With a bunch of BYOB events this weekend, what better place to shop for tasty spirits to share with all. Amazing variety and prices. Ask for best friend and Goody Goody in-house wine consultant, Giacomo Yaquinto, who never leads you wrong when picking out the proper vino for the occassion. Matt and I grab a few bottles and then continue on.

3 p.m. Zaguan's

One of the best places in Dallas to order a quick bite is Zaguan's, a South American bakery and cafe. Ham and Cheese Cachitos, Tequenos, and perhaps their award winning Cachapas will be involved. After getting the food wrapped up to go we continue our journey.

3:30 p.m. Grapevine Bar

What is better on a Friday than Happy Hour? At the Grapevine, a gem of a bar in the Oaklawn area of Dallas, drinks are $2 you-call-it until 7 p.m. Matt and Darryl buy a few rounds for his friends, hilarity and amazing conversation ensues, and of course a great game of H-O-R-S-E on the outside basketball court. You are encouraged to attend.

7:00 p.m. Jazz Night Out

A summer night calls out for great music, and you won't find anything better than Jazz Night Out hosted by Sol Studio Art. From 6 - 8 p.m. an art exhibit and reception for Ignacio Guevarra, Solange Mariel, and Ximena Mariel. Then from 8 p.m. until 11 p.m. the last performance of the legendary Sam Ezzeldin Trio, featuring Sam Ezzeldin, Bo Thomas, & Ryan Hagler, before Sam departs back to Egypt. A fun and eclectic group of people will be in attendance. This event is BYOB and Pass The Hat for the musicians. As always being graciously held at the home of Federico and Solange Mariel (one of the coolest couples you could ever meet) 10171 Robin Hill Lane Dallas, TX. 75238.

11:30 p.m. Balcony Club

We strongly believe that you can never have too much of a good thing. So what should you do after listening to 3 hours of the best jazz music in town... go listen to even more great jazz music. Probably my favorite bar in Dallas, the Balcony Club has great Jazz music at just the right volume for listening and yet still having a conversation. The Martini's are out of this world, especially the Peach Martini made by Karen O' Leary.

Saturday June 20, 2009

12:30 p.m. Bishop Arts District

One of the coolest areas in Dallas to just stroll around. Checking out the Soda Gallery is a must and the Bishop Arts District will be a great way to start our shopping adventure for the perfect shirt.

2 p.m. Ahab Bowen

Next stop on our shopping adventure is the go-to vintage store in Dallas. The perfect place for finding that perfect accessory or fun shirt without looking like the typical Uptown crowd clone.

3 p.m. North Park Mall

If all else fails, there is always the mall - and North Park is about as good as any. We will be sure to check out Billy Reid, Adidas, and Lush. If walking around the mall gets you tired, grab a strawberry-banana smoothie at Thirsty's.

4 p.m. Gloria's

Tasty Mexican and Salvadorean Food and tastier Margaritas. Their pork tenderloin quesadillas are to die for.

5:30 p.m. Light and Sie Gallery Opening

Now the evening starts in earnest with one of my favorite activities, gallery hopping. Light and Sie is one of my favorite galleries in town ( I love Andrew Sie). Haven't missed an opening in a year, and the streak continues.

6:00 p.m. Cameron Gallery Opening

The Cameron Gallery is the type of gallery I don't go to. However, it features art about San Miguel de Allende and artists from there, and I am a sucker for nostalgia and good memories.

6:30 p.m. Central Trak Gallery Opening

The coolest art space in Dallas you may have never been to, and the best place outside of And/Or to see new media/video art. Director Charissa Terranova knows what she is doing in managing this artist residency space.

8 p.m. Artist's Night Out

What can be said about this event that hasn't been said already? Simply put this is the event that changed my life. There is nothing better going on Saturday than Artists Night Out, and if you think there is, you haven't been to Artists Night Out. A magical open mic experience created by Solange Mariel and Will Richey in 2004 that attracts the best artists in Dallas that you have never heard of (and a few you have). Just eclectic, wonderful, magical, fun, etc. In a word - Pure. The last one was July 2008. The one before that was July 2006. They don't happen often - but at this event is the magic and community that so many say does not exist in Dallas. Be there. No excuses.

A few notes:

Please bring something to share - its a big part of the A.N.O. culture and tradition is the potluck - food and drink for yourself and some extra for others.
Also if you HAVE to have a chair, I would bring it. There are about four large couches and a few chairs at the space but they will fill up quickly.
If you would like to help out at the door, or interested in bringing either some coolers with ice, or napkins, plates, and cups, let me know cause we need those.
If you are a creative person, please bring your art! Bring a poem, bring your instrument, even if you have never done something like this before, you will never find a better audience and people who "get" it then at Artist Night Out

Here is the email from Will Richey:

An Artist's Night Out
upstairs from Hal Samples' gallery
2814 Main Street, Ste #201
Dallas, TX

THIS Saturday - July 20, 2008
8:00pm - $5 donation


* an open mic hosted by Will Richey & featuring
TWO of the most magical bands in north texas:

* 'Faint Image' our original jazz fusion house band
excited to be back with Richard & Vicki Blackwell

* 'Melody Memory' a 7 member poetic-soul, hip-hop,
reggae-rock group led by Alejandro Perez (Ap)
& A.N.O. elder statesman Cap'n Ron Davison


8pm to Midnight - a jazz fusion jam / Spoken Word / Open Mic
w/some of our favorite performers from years past
mixed in with new voices & 'DaVerse' stars


*** Proceeds from the modest $5 donation (& any other monies we are able to collect)
will go to support our gracious host - Hal Samples ( & his vision
to keep 'SPACE' alive & available for such beautiful collaborations

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