What True Love Looks Like

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Sometimes words coming from the mic are rotten and decaying
they carry infections which tear down the spirit.
Being force fed rotting words give tummy aches
to spiritual beings that can only be cured
with words of love, and so you say I love you
over and over again until you finally do something about it
You say I love you until you learn how to forgive
until you capture the alchemy that changes forgiveness into a chainsaw
and you start cutting away the roots of your past
until hurt and disappointment haunts you no more
finally you can look around your life
and find everyone who has ever loved you,
supported you, cared about you, and tell them thank you
over and over again until your life is full of gratitude,
and suddenly you find yourself sitting in a church pew
crying without ceasing for 17 minutes, 7 years
worth of tears, and you keep crying until bitterness
floats away, and your tear ducts become wells
that wishes swim in and you find the power
to bless someone else's life. and now you can tap
into the chill coursing through your spine
harness the holy spirit moving within you
until you constantly speak only truth
and fill the world with Hesiod love
so when you encounter the hurts of other people
all you can do is shine God back at them,
and this how you make your words eternal
this is how you become powerful,
by increasing your capacity to love
and now you find yourself taking in fatherless children,
and the unclean, and the sick, and you wash feet, even the feet
of those who betray you, your greatest enemies,
and the backstabbers, and the negligent friend,
mother, brother, father, lover, sister, and you
wash their feet too, because you love them
in spite of themselves, and suddenly,
your needs are so far away
that you have letters in the middle east,
written to strangers just to make them feel less lonely,
and you give presents at baby showers
for pregnant teenage mothers, and pray for inmates
in prisons and help them get jobs when they are released
because this is what true love looks like
how words are able to mean anything
this is how you respond to people
who have negative things to say.

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