Happy Birthday Matthew Hayes!

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What can we say about Matt Hayes that hasn't been said already?

He is one of the few people who have the academic discipline, raw creativity, humility, and depth of spirit to actually transcend both genre, place, and time.

Matt Hayes is the type of man that the great Greek writers of yore would spin plays and epic poems about.

One can't help but imagine Homer writing, "Tell me, O Muse, of the god-like Matt Hayes" and his journey to get back home.

In fact, much of Matt Hayes can be defined by his journey for home. A resident of at least 5 different states, from Nebraska to Virginia to North Carolina to Texas to California - there is a physical and tragic nature to this search.

But perhaps most importantly it is the idea of "home" being a collection of people who are like you and accept you that becomes the most haunting journey for Matt.

For who, really, is like Matt Hayes? Who's appetites, knowledge of all things cool and cutting edge, hipness, fashion sensibility, work ethic, and ability to create beautiful things can rival this artistic genius?

Winner of the most prestigious undergraduate scholarship in this country, the Bill and Melinda Gates scholarship, this filmmaker, journalist, fashionista, lover of German, cultural critic, and all-around great guy can be found interviewing celebs at red carpet premiers, writing for the L.A. Times, and hopefully, soon, at a theater near you.

Happy Birthday Matthew Winfred Hayes III!

May your journey continue indeed.

Until then, enjoy the best of Matt Hayes on Art Star:

1. A Moderate, To Dazzingly Awesome, Smoothie - pure vintage Matt Hayes, not really having to do with anything, except making a great smoothie. No pretension, just real.

2. When Cool Kids Implode - for my money, one of the best Art Star posts of all time.

3. The Only Difference Between Us and Them is money - truer words have never been spoken.

4. Omar Miller Is A Fucking Giant, part 1 - first of many celeb interviews

5. Weekend Jamz Part 1 - this post actually won an award from Imeem. Seriously.

6. Omar Miller Is A Fucking Giant, part 2 - the citizen cope section is priceless.

7. Shit I Wrote When I Woke Up Part 1 - the weird gets weirder.

8. Merry Christmas You Animals - just an inspiring list.

9. Clicking Around With Music: Savage - a hip hop interview just for kicks.

10. Art Star Interviews Cederic The Entertainer - mmm he interviewed Cederic the Entertainer.

We are so honored to have such a talented and noble individual blogging for us.

Happy Birthday Matt!


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