Unauthorized Brilliance of Shaun Boothe

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Gotta give it up, this young brother has talent.

I saw this video in October and have wanted to blog about it since then but hadn't gotten a chance. (Y'all know I was too hype about the election to talk about anything else)

This is the first in what will be Shaun Boothe's 12 part "Unauthorized Biography" collection. He is clearly inspired by Nas' "U.B.R (Unauthorized Biography of Rakim)" which was on Street's Disciple. He shows Nas some love in the acknowledgments of each song--which I like b/c in hip-hop and in life, you should always cite your sources!

The second video in the series is about the Tuff Gong himself, the greatest recording artist of all time (who dares to question?), and global icon Bob Marley.

The production is solid as he tributes each artist by chopping up their hits and flowing over it like the Nile. (Can you tell I like his music?)

The latest volume, chapter 3, came out today and dealt with more greatness as he chronicled the life and times of Muhammad Ali.

He promises chapter 4 will focus on Dr. King and President-Elect Obama. I feel like these brothers absolutely deserve their own songs but he might be motivated by Obama fulfilling MLK's dream. Art Star pham, let me know if you're feeling Shaun Boothe's creativity!

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