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It’s been a bit of rollercoaster ride between coming down from the election frenzy , the economic slip-slide, and starting out the holiday gear up, beginning with Thanksgiving, in recession 2008 style. For me, this all is layered on top of attempting to keep a clear enough head to continue working on photos; both shooting and working with them.

A family trip down to Miami for Thanksgiving gave opportunities for a few hours of camera glee, aside from the “happy snaps” of the moments along the arc of the 3 days. My brother-in law took me along on his pilgrimage for cigars to Little Havana for a few hours one afternoon, opening the space for wandering around a new neighborhood with my camera in tow.

These are what I came up with to play with when I got back home. A beautiful sunset on Thanksgiving evening bled through the sheer curtains in my mother’s dining room as we offered our gratitude and began downing much too much food. Luckily, everyone in my life is used to my visual obsessiveness, so no one paid any notice to me slipping away to photograph the progression of the day fading into evening.

This past week the Moon, Jupiter and Venus provided as all with the excitement of staring at the sky. A friend sent me a photo taken in Australia, where the moon was below the 2 planets, causing folks to describe the configuration as a “smiley face.” Here someone I know said ours was an “upside down smiley face.” Luckily a poet friend came to my rescue by replacing the cutsy cultural iconisms with his version: “Poetically, this celestial event is heaven's menage a trois for the masses.”

Much better, for sure.

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