Shameless Cross-Promotion: Only For My Friends

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Hello December, Hello friends, and Hello new Art Star.

I had completely forgotten about these.

What we have here are two video profiles I made last year (while working with a side-project mag: Dpurr) for two of the groups competing in Davidson's Battle of the Bands comp. The first face you'll recognize is that of Ctotheb himself, Chris Burton. Now we can all stop guessing what this man looks like. :) The second host, Stacey Helmerich, is awesome in her own right, and will be feeding the masses and dropping knowledge bombs in China this coming January.

The first band up: The Pulitz Surprises, will still be around Davidson this Spring for those of you who want to catch a performance. Many of The Cupps have, sadly, graduated. As always, feel free to head over to YouTube and watch the vids in high-resolution. You'll be glad you did.

The Pulitz Surprises:

The Cupps

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