Shit I Wrote When I Woke Up, Pt. 1

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So, this will be a new column for me. I tend to dream outrageous things most of the time. Aliens, mutants, puppies, fornicating, beautiful people, and bizarre situations usually taking place in a fictional dream location that is a combination of Benson, Nebraska and Davidson, North Carolina.

While I may not remember all of my dreams, I do tend to wake up with little snippets of situation or conversation left over, echoing in the back of my brain. I thus bring these things to you. Maybe you could make sense of them?

Bad People in Love

They stood there, in the middle of the fucking street, doing that thing where your foreheads almost touch, your arms almost wrap the life out of the opposing body, and your lips almost meet. I had never seen them together before. It seemed so natural, yet wrong. It was wrong because I knew these people, I knew their histories and tendencies. But that didn't matter anymore. Even the Devil looks human when he's in love.

Disappointing, isn't it?

I walked over to my car, taking strides bigger than Jesus'. There was something pink on my window. I'd gotten a parking ticket. 

Stretching My Fidelity

My fingers closed around the tanned, slender hand. It was connected to a similarly waif-like arm, which in turn attached to a glorious torso with amazing breasts. She was Arab. The bad kind, according to CNN. The shake was a pleasant formality; somewhere in the back of my head, I couldn't wait to fuck her.

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