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SolosUnit Final


the basics

name: the solos unit

label: none

label type: none

myspace visits: 35508

myspace friends: 1910

albums: electric city

my take:

another emerging band from my old stomping grounds but very different than pf.  these winston-salemites are the epitome of an eclectic group.  compared to groups like the eclectic collective (RIP), their vibes are their own.  below is a live cut from the wonderful venue of rubber soul in winston salem.  high energy hip hop themes with jazz backgrounds explode in songs like on a mission and then twista type rhymes in multiple songs.  their dynamic singing duo, Mr. Mo’Halyn and renaissance, creates an atmosphereesque combo.  however, the jazz background keeps everyone in check and allows them to do their rhythmical poetry in coffeehouses and poetry clubs. 


we were luck enough to have one of the duo help us out with an interview.  be sure to check it out after listening to some tunes.


live at rubber soul

live at bowery poetry club - be sure to check track 15: firewater


AS:  name:

TSU:  Nathan (Mr. Mohalyn) Harris

AS:  if there was a tag-team wrestling match between black thought, richard pryor, and the flaming lips vs john cage and the wu tang clan - who wins? what would decide the bout?

TSU:  Wu-Tang, hands down. Sheer Thuggery!

AS:  did you realize that you now live a stones throw from where most of us spent the last 4 years (davidson, nc)?
TCU:  Yes. You should book us a show at your school!


AS:  i was at an evening muse show last year and saw you guys and you had a couple technical difficulties. has there been a night that everything seemed to just not go your way?

TSU:  We had to play a show in Wilmington, and our drummer got stuck in a snowstorm in Chicago. we played for an hour and a half with no drummer! horrible.


AS:  what is your favorite shake at cook out (burger joint w/ great shake equivalent)?
TSU:  Lactose intolerant


AS:  have you ever been to summit coffee? and if not you should go - it's an institution.
TSU:  I don't drnk coffee either.


AS:  favorite band live:

TSU:  Prince


AS:  favorite instrument that you do not currently play?
TSU:  Drums


AS:  from what do you draw musical inspiration?
TSU:  Life, emotion, relationships, everything breathes and breeds some type of melody or inspiration.


AS:  what was the toughest decision you have had to make as a band? how did you come to that decision?
TSU:  The band decided not to move to new york about two years ago.


AS:  favorite venue to play at:
TSU:  Ziggy's (R.I.P.)


AS:  at what moment did you realize you wanted to do live music
TSU:  I've always wanted to perform, since about 12.


ASU:  most embarrassing moment on stage:
TSU:  Hasn't happened yet, let's pray!


AS:  what are you looking forward to the most about this touring session?
TSU:  Introducing people to music that they didn't know existed


AS:  and finally, what was the most ridiculous question someone has ever asked you and your response?
TSU:  You would be suprised at some of the retarded stuff that people say. I can't even recall something that stands out as more ridiculous than others.

help support the band. artstar does not get any money if you buy their songs or if you visit their link. we just want to make sure these guys stay well fed so they can keep producing greatness. enjoy!



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WHayes said...

Great interview, man! I can't wait to look up more of this music.

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