who plays punch buggy? artstar plays smart car!

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Punch Buggy copysome games seem to never go out of style. for example the classic car/road trip game simplistically called "punch buggy" took a weird shaped car and made it fun to hit your friends in honor of the small, german made auto.  lots of fun for everyone except overbearing parents and weaker younger brothers and sisters. 


with the advent of the "toaster box" (aka the scion) and the "rolling pogo stick" (aka the segway) other games were bound to pop up.  thank goodness for the wonderful smart car! the smart car is small, fuel efficient and can park basically in a space the size of a bench.  for its size, recognizeablity, and sheer rarity, i give you the game: smart car! whenever you see one of these compact of all compact cars, stick out your index finger, go toward your friends noggin, and poke their encapsulated brain and declare that you were the first one to see the most intelligent of cars, "smart car!"  our lovely internet-google-searched models are providing us with a great example below.  obviously mr. blue (sad because he did not see the smart car first but smiling because it is such a great game) did not see the smart car and lovely lady on the left beat him to the announcement of "smart car!"

Smart Car copy

be sure to safely play smart car with people other than drivers or drivers with hard heads or if it is very entertaining to see their reactions.  enjoy! this game is an artstar and canfield original!

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