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Hot Vegas


the basics:

name: hot vegas

members:  andrew x, alex stewart, daniel henderson, jared bruce

label:  Unsigned

label type:  Unsigned

myspace visits:  174843

myspace friends: 17157


my take on hot vegas:

these guys friended me when i first got on myspace about 4 years ago and have impressed me with their growth over the years.  i first saw these guys at tremont music hall around the same time and thought there was a lot to improve.  now, they are an institution in the charlotte music scene and a must see show if you are in the meclenburg/gaston/union county area.  they're currently doing the typical nc tour of asheville, boone, charlotte and the triangle and give you plenty of opportunities for you to check em out.


remember nada surf?  remember the good parts of nada surf? miix that with the great sound of singers that can actually sing and you have hot vegas.  great lyrics and a progressive sound.  don't dare compare them to any whiny indie bands, they rock much harder and will give a hell of a show. check the tunes:


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the interview:


AS:  Who would win in a fight between the duo of The Beatles (circa 1967) and Bob Dylan vs. David Bowie and The Beach Boys?

HV:  Good question. Realistically I could take them all. I'm serious. But if I had to choose.... I'm going with David Bowie and The Beach Boys. The Beatles just seem to peaceful... and The Beach Boys seem like they could possibly handle themselves... Charles Manson did live at Brian Wilson's house for a while, you know?


AS:  If you were a sticky note what would you be stuck to and what would it say?

HV:  Britney Spears hand. "Don't do it."


AS:  What is your favorite milkshake flavor?

HV:  Vanilla


AS:  Favorite Band Live:

HV:  Travis. If you don't know who they are... you should.


AS:  Favorite Band to open up for and/or that has opened for your.

HV:  Sherwood. They have been good to us. Check them out.


AS:  Favorite instrument that you do not currently play.

HV:  I play everything! Not really. lol umm.. piano


AS:  In the 2008 election, what issue do you feel is the most important?

HV:  Geezz... That's a tough one. I would say the energy crisis. It is one of many important ones.


AS:  How did your band come up with the name?

HV:  We thought it was marketable... seriously...


AS:  What artist is currently revolutionizing music (other than yourself, of course)?

HV:  Miley Cyrus... really think about it. I'm serious.


AS:  From what do you draw musical inspiration?

HV:  Life.


AS:  What music did your parents expose you to in your youth?

HV:  Some great stuff. Fleetwood Mac, Cat Stevens, Van Morrison, Genesis, and the list goes on.


AS:  How did the band get together? If too complicated, was there a comical story in the progression of the band?

HV:  I had written some songs and wanted to start a band. It was simple.


AS:  What was the toughest decision you have had to make as a band? How did you come to that decision?

HV:  We had to let a long time member go. We felt it had to be done.


AS:  First Instrument:

HV:  Electric guitar.


AS:  Favorite Venue to play at:

HV:  A Jazz Club.


AS:  At what moment did you realize you wanted to do live music?

HV:  I can't remember that far back.


AS:  Most embarrassing moment on stage:

HV:  Our bass player tripped and knocked over my half stack.


AS:  What are you looking forward to the most about this touring session?

HV:  All the sweet girls we meet on the road. =) Just kidding. I just love playing music. I'm most excited about songs from our upcoming album.


AS:  And finally, is there anything else that you would like to share with the Art Star audience?

HV:  Thanks for reading the interview. We really appreciate it. We have a lot of big announcements coming up.



help support the band. artstar does not get any money if you buy their songs or if you visit their link. we just want to make sure these guys stay well fed so they can keep producing greatness. enjoy!

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Oh Romeo! -Cesar said...

Hot Vegas is one of the most talented bands around. They alwys seem to evolve their sound into something that is new/hip/and innovative. Hot Vegas combines professional guitar work with a groovy rythm section and epic vocals: it just works.

Hot Vegas maybe NC's biggest secret, exposed!


Anonymous said...

Can't say enough about the talent of this band. Migration is such a satisfying listen, perhaps one of my favorite bands, which I don't have many of. Been waiting forever for the new album.

Chris said...

I heard their lead vaux boxes like 4 times a week. FUGG

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