Barack Obama: He's Everywhere!

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Barack Obama is everywhere I go on the internet! It doesn't seem to matter what website I go to; there's an Obama ad prominently featured on the top, bottom, or along the side. Not to say that I don't think Obama should take advantage of all of the money that he has in the bank, but this is something I could never have imagined. Even more interesting than the simple fact that he is getting his name, face, and message out there is the way in which the ads are directly targeted to the viewing audience. Through the wonders of the internet and the creepy ways that it knows where you are logging in, the ads politely encourage the residents of North Carolina to vote early. It's kind of scary if you ask me. I guess however when you raise $151 million dollars in one month (September), you mind as well use all the resources available. In just the 15 minutes thinking about what I wanted to write this blog post about I came across at least 4 ads on very different websites: The New Republic, Facebook, my hometown newspaper (The Post and Courier), and Yahoo:
Did I mention that Obama has also taken to video games to spread his message.
If Obama goes on to win the election in two weeks (*giddy*), his presidential campaign will go down as the best organized presidential campaign ever. Case in point: my experience this weekend canvassing for Obama in Kannapolis, NC. I was amazed by how organized everything is at the local level. I was quickly given detailed instructions on exactly what I was supposed to say, do, and record at each house. The amount of information provided on each household was remarkable, so as to leave nothing unclear. As I imagined thousands of people across the country doing the same thing, I began to feel a part of something remarkable. The work and dedication put into this campaign by its organizers and volunteers can be described as nothing short of epic. I leave with this call: "Fired Up! Ready to Go!"

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