I should know better (CtotheB's NBA Preview part 1)

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A hope more audacious than a junior senator becoming leader of the free world...

More unexpected than seeing the "Nuh Linga" performed in the Olympics...

Art Star Pham, I am predicting...can't even believe I'm saying this...

The New York Knicks WILL make the playoffs!

There, I said it...

You must think I'm crazy, blindly hopeful even, but I'mma tell you what has brought me such optimism...

Friday night, back home and watching MSG, witnessed the Knicks, albeit a preseason game, put the work to the Boston Celtics. Actually looking like a team! Ewing Jr. coming through with a monstrous dunk, Duhon running the point effectively, Lee and Randolph down low, and Wilson Chandler slowly making his mark as a poor man's Shawn Marion.

They won last night over a depleted Nets squad and face the Celtics again tonight. With the athletes the Knicks have--sans Eddy "Stay Puft" Curry--they will outrun, create steal opportunities, and win over 35 games which is enough to stay afloat in the East.

Here is my projection for the Eastern Conference's divisions and eventually playoff ranking:

Atlantic: Boston, Philly, Toronto, New York, New Jersey
Central: Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, Milwaukee, Indiana
Southeast: Miami, Orlando, Atlanta, Charlotte, Washington

1. Boston
2. Miami
3. Cleveland
4. Orlando
5. Philly
6. Toronto
7. Atlanta
8. New York
9. Chicago
10. Charlotte
13. Indiana
14. New Jersey

Boston over NY (I'm not that optimistic)
MIA over ATL
LeBron over Toronto
Philly over Orlando

Boston over Philly
Miami over LeBron

Boston over Miami (ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!)

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Marcus Chin-Quee said...

homie, i'll admit i've been impressed thus far in the pre-season. But remember last year, they looked just as strong and even beat the Celtics pretty handily. Give an update come December. I'll say there's a tad bit of craziness in the prediction, and as much as i wanna believe you speak truths i'm still not convinced on these knicks. Maybe lack of a sexual harassment case, and no new Steph tricks will keep us on the right track. I'm hoping for the best. But with these Knicks, we should all know better than to expect even mediocrity.

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