Bar Tales Chapter 4: Goddess Of The Hunt

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Sent. 11:28:06 PM: If you could be goddess over anything what would it be?

Received. 11:38:30 PM: Maybe goddess of love, or the hunt lol what makes u ask? U god of what?

Sent. 11:40:56 PM: What is so seductive about the hunt?

Received. 11:44:08 PM: Well particularly when its a woman. I love the idea of a beautiful woman conquering masculine power. Men love to be dominated in the presence of a powerful woman.

Sent. 11:47:06 PM: And you think you are this dominating woman?

Received. 11:57:48 PM: Lol well you asked a hypothetical. But I think I sometimes embody that persona - it is a difficult side of me. Do you always try to get to know new people with intense hypotheticals?

Sent. 12:12:02 AM: Sry. At a bday party. Lol no I don't but it was my question of the week and you gave a feisty answer. I would be the god of small things.

Received. 12:26:26 AM: Hmn I like that, tell me more.

Sent. 12:32:17 AM: I would be the god of paper bags that get caught in the wind, of the dream life of dragon flies, of subatomic crushes and particles, of leaves falling at midnight, of first meetings.

Sent. 12:42:58 AM: Of pebbles that are worth nothing but are pretty to look at, of chalk boards and stick figures.

Received. 12:50:51 AM: Hmn I like ur imagination

Received. 12:51:16 AM: My battery is low btw

Sent. 12:52:14 AM: Well then. Let's call it a good first impression :) agree?

Received. 2:02:35 AM: Lol I do believe I agree

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